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Pareto Analysis in the excel




Pareto Analysis in the excel;Objective;You need to determine the 'biggest contributors to the problem.;One tool to accomplish this is the Pareto Chart;As stated in the problem, patients are leaving the emergency;department before being seen by a doctor for a variety of reasons.;The American Medical Association released findings from a;study (blue font far below) that addressed the following question;Instructions for you;Using the data in blue below construct a Pareto chart (see your online textbook reading assignment for more).;We realize that you could simply pick the two or three process components without actually creating;the Pareto Chart, but we want you to actually create the Pareto Chart because in reality management;likes to see simple charts where they don't have to analyze the data to see the picture. That is why the;Pareto Chart is used in the first place.;SAMPLE;Notice: The shaded section below has a practice problem intended to help you with this assignment.;If you want to skip this hypothetical problem, you can.;Hypothetical problem (This is NOT the project data which is why this is separated in a shaded box);Just to show you how this works, let's say the responses were as follows;Let's say that data reveals the following counts for beach-related injuries for the month of July.;Injury categories # of incidents;Cuts from broken glass 12 This green area is just for practice.;Surf boarding injuries 37 The project is below in blue.;Fishing related injuries 41;Jelly fish stings 45 This is a hypothetical example;Skim boarding accidents 29 You will be doing this using different;Hit with flying toy 79 data for your project, but this is merely;Sprained ankle 43 showing you how to do it.;Jet Ski accidents 34;Burns from grills 52;Misc. 22;The first thing you would have to do is sort the data from the largest count of injuries to the smallest.;It would look like this after sorting.;Then, you would create a cumulative percentage column. Click once on any of the;cumulative percentages to see the formula.;Injury categories # of incidents Cumulative %;Hit with flying toy 79 20% How did you get 20?;Burns from grills 52 33% How did you get 33?;Jelly fish stings 45 45%;Sprained ankle 43 56%;Fishing related injuries 41 66%;Surf boarding injuries 37 75%;Jet ski accidents 34 84%;Skim boarding accidents 29 91%;Misc. 22 97%;Cuts from broken glass 12 100%;394..Back to the project itself...;Data;Reasons for leaving: Total choosing this response Cumulative %;Got tired 6 24%;Not necessary 4 40%;People waiting 4 56%;Doctor treatment 3 68%;Staff treatment 2 76%;Environment 2 84%;Elsewhere 1 88%;Ignored me 1 92%;Too expensive 1 96%;Had to go 1 100%;Create a Pareto chart in Excel 2003;Create a Pareto chart in Excel 2007;How to submit an Assignment;TARGET ASSIGNMENT DATE - Submit in Week 6 or earlier;YOU DO NOT NEED TO SEND THE ACTUAL PARETO CHART.;Project: Healthcare Project;Deliverable: Pareto Chart;Student last name;What would your team focus on based upon what the Pareto Chart is telling you?


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