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BUSN Week 8 Assignment 4: Personal Perception Modeled




Identify a mental model you hold about someone, a department, your organization, or even your customers (internal or external). With the perception in mind, proceed with the assignment.;Create a ten to twelve (10-12) slide PowerPoint presentation in which you;1.Describe the mental model, including;1.Its origin;2.How long you have had the mental model;3.What led to development of the model;2.Identify the foundations of the generalizations that led to your mental model.;3.Conduct research that identifies two (2) truths that debunk your mental model.;4.Outline the barriers presented by this mental model.;5.As a manager, develop action steps you would take that would prevent you from failing into the trap of your mental model.;6.Use the speaker notes to provide the details on each component when applicable.


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