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Hot water passes through a copper tube, whose inner diameter is 20 mm, thickness is 3 mm, and length is 1 m. Outside, cool air flows across the tube at T_inf = 290 K. The water flow rate is? =.005 kg/s and the inlet and exit mean temperatures (or bulk temperatures) of the water flow are measured at T_m,i = 360 K and T_m,o = 330 K, respectively. Use the water properties at 345 K;c_p = 4.191 KJ/(kh*K);rho = 976.6 kg/m^3;? = 3.89*10^-4 (N*s)/m^2;etc...;Assume that the water flow within the tube is fully developed.;(1) Determine the average overall heat transfer coefficient, U, with respect to the inner surface area of the tube.;(2) Is the water flow laminar or turbulent?;(3) If the flow rate is doubled, determine the new exit mean (bulk) temperature, T_m,o.


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