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FINAL ASSIGMENT PAPER Strategic Management and Business Policy




FINAL ASSIGMENT PAPER;Strategic Management and Business Policy;Text Reference;Wheelen, T. L. and, Hunger, D. J. (2012). Strategic Management and Business Policy, Toward;Global Sustainability, 13th edition. New Jersey, USA: Prentice Hall.;INSTRUCTIONS;Each student is required to answer all the below questions.;Student is advised to use the prescribed textbook, and may use other references if necessary.;Follow the basic guidelines in writing an academic paper as provided by the lecturer. You may cite and reference the same book mentioned above if all the answers-details of your paper are borrowed from the same book.;Do not use any cover paper.;Chapter 7;1. What is portfolio analysis? Page Ref: 220;2. Describe the four categories of the BCG Growth Share Matrix. Page Ref: 222-223;3. Define corporate parenting. Page Ref: 227;Chapter 8;4. What is a corporate scenario? What are the three steps in their construction? Page Ref: 251-253;5. In evaluating a strategic alternative, if there is little fit with the company's culture, what are management's options?;Page Ref: 256;6. In a dynamic environment, using consensus to arrive at a strategic decision is not recommended. Why? What two techniques can strategic managers use to avoid the consensus trap?;Page Ref: 257;Chapter 9;7. What is reengineering? What are the principles for reengineering proposed by Michael Hammer? Page Ref: 289;Chapter 11;8. What is the balanced scorecard? What are the four areas to be addressed?;Page Ref: 339;9. Discuss the benchmarking process.;Page Ref: 344;Attachments;BLLOMBERG.pdf (6245.61 KB)


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