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ACCT 3343-5 Final Term Project Detail Requirements Fall




Instructions;1. You may discuss this assignment with other students however, submission must be completed;INDIVIDUALLY and be your own work.;2. You must use Excel (.xls/.xlsx) to complete your assignment. Include your name in the;filename.;3. Show work neatly. State any assumptions needed.;4. Hand in your assignment in hard copy in class on November 25.. The entire project must be;typed and presented in a professional manner.;You must use Google Inc Financial Statements for the year ended 2008. Make sure you;use the audited annual financial statements or your answers may not be correct! (You;will also need the 2007 balance sheet to calculate some prior year averages. All;information must come from these statements.;1);Complete the horizontal analysis of the balance sheet for 2007-2008. Show the balance;sheet figures and the $ change and % change.;2) Complete the horizontal analysis of the income statement for 2007-2008 Show the;balance sheet figures and the $ change and % change.;3) Complete the vertical analysis of the income statement for 2007-2008 Show the income;statement figures and the appropriate %s.;4) Complete the ratio calculations for 2007-2008 for all ratios as provided in the class;handout.;- Show a complete reference to all calculations (this must be outside of the formulas in;Excel).;- State any assumptions you make.;- You will need 2008 balance sheet for some of the averages.;- If some ratios are not-applicable, state so and why.;- If a ratio is already calculated within the GAAP statements, you can just state it and;reference where you found it.;- Use year-end closing market price for shares and quote your source.;5) Provide a discussion of the competitive position of the firm and its financial health. Your;analysis should include a qualitative and quantitative analysis. Support your analysis;with the above quantitative analysis including ratio analysis, vertical and horizontal;analysis.;6) The library project conducted during this term to access the position Google is in, along;with their economic and competitive environment., will provide you the detail to;complete the qualitative analysis. You may use the current information reviewed in this;assignment as part of your analysis along with anything you feel is relevant from the;earlier time frame. However, you are only responsible for the current review of Google as;outlined in your library assignment.;Google Inc.;The term project worth 15% of your final grade in this course is comprised of three (3) distinct;parts;Part 1: Library Assignment on Google;Part 2:____/5% - ratio analysis ? including;horizontal analysis of the balance sheet;Horizontal analysis of the income statement;Vertical analysis of the income statement;Ratio calculations ? for two (2) years;This part is graded by the faculty assistant with emphasis on correct calculation of ratios.;?;?;?;?;Part 3:____/5% - report on Google Inc.. The main body of the report will discuss your opinion;about the financial health of the company.;Your opinion will include a discussion of all ramifications of your findings ? for example;assume Google has a huge amount of debt ? your debt ratio says 75%. What are the;consequences of this? Can they service this level of debt? Where can they get funds from? Can;they pay their current liabilities? Can they get funds from creditors or investors? How, in trouble;are they?;Your findings must be supported by the relevant parts of the analysis conducted in Part 2. Finally;your report will provide a conclusion. Your conclusion must provide your final opinion ? is this a;financially healthy or unhealthy company? You conclusion will be supported by a summary of;the facts that made you formulate this opinion.;Attachments;2008_google_annual_report[1].pdf (1879.27 KB)


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