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Devry BSOP 330 Week 6 Lab Assignments Chapter 14, problem 14.3




Problem 14.3;The demand for subassembly S is 100 units in week 7. Each unit of S requires 1 unit of T and 2 units of U. Each unit of T requires 1 unit of V, 2 units of W, and 1 unit of X.;Finally each unit of U requires 2 units of Y and 3 units of Z. One firm manufactures all items. It takes 2 weeks to make S, 1 week to make T, 2 weeks to make U, 2 weeks to make V, 3 weeks;to make W, 1 week to make X, 2 weeks to make Y, and 1 week to make Z.;a) Construct a product structure. Identify all levels, parents, and components.;b)Prepare a time-phased product structure.


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