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Proj586 part II and III




a) Based on your project schedule for Part II of the Course Project (Huntsville Plant Project), when is the project scheduled to complete? Please provide a date in the following format (Month, Day, Year). [5 points] b) What is the project duration in weeks? [5 points] (Points: 10) 2. a) After you enter all of your resources, what is your total budget for this project? [5 points] b) Was the project within the budget as set forth by the board of directors? What was the original budget? [5 points] (Points: 10) 3. Based on Course Project Part II, list the names of the critical path activities. (Points: 20) 4. After you enter all of your resources: a) What is your budget for the Planning Phase? What is the Planning Phase duration in weeks? [5 points] b) What is your budget for the Preparation Phase? What is the Preparation Phase duration in weeks? [5 points] c) What is your budget for the Plant Readiness Phase? What is the Plant Readiness duration in weeks? [5 points] d) What is your budget for the Production Phase? What is the Production Phase duration in weeks? [5 points] (Points: 20) 5. a) Are there any resource conflicts (over allocated)? If so, what resource(s)? [10 points] b) Provide the over allocated month for each resource. [10 points] (Points: 20) 6. What is the total cost (fixed and resource) for each of the following activities: a) Building Concept [4 points] b) Site Procurement [4 points] c) Building Construction [4 points] d) Truck Fleet Procurement [4 points] e) Production Startup [4 points] (Points: 20);The following steps should be utilized when updating the Huntsville Plant Project Plan with Microsoft Project;Open your.MPP file from the conclusion of Project Part I;Set the "Status date" to April 17, 2009, under the /Project/Project Information;Click on OK;In instances where you had errors in Project Part I, correct accordingly.;Update predecessors & durations for ALL activities as shown in the Task List (Table #3). Print or review the report "Un-started Tasks" and verify the information to the attached list.;View - Reports - Current Activities - Un-started Tasks - Print.;Use the information supplied on the Resource Cost List, enter variable costs, Hourly Resources and costs (NOT FIXED COSTS) by entering them on the Resource Sheet;Click on "View," "Resource Sheet," and enter the resource name, initials, and Std. Rate per hour. Assume only one of each resource is available.;Use the information supplied on the Resource Cost List, enter fixed costs for appropriate activities.;Choose View - More Views. In the views box, select Task Sheet, Apply. Next select a task (e.g., "Building Design"). Display the Cost Table (View - Table: Cost). Type "32,000" in the fixed cost column. Repeat for other fixed costs.;Assign Hourly Resources and costs to the tasks that you have already entered, based on the information supplied on the attached Resource Loading List. Choose "View" - "Gantt Chart." Place active window on the first task (Select Architect).;Click on the Double Headed Icon on the upper Tool Bar (Assign Resources). In the resource assignment window, click on "PM." Enter "10" in the units column. Click on "FS", enter "60" Click on "Assign.;Repeat for all resources and activities according to the Resource Loading List.;Then print the Resource Sheet showing: Resource Name, Initials and Costs. (View - Resource Sheet "File," "Print");Print a project summary report ("View," "Reports," "Overview," "Project Summary");neeeded info;Table #4;Resource/Cost Initials Full Name Cost Type Hourly Rate ($/Hr) or Fixed Cost ($);FS Facility Specialist Resource $21;PM Project Manager Resource $32;CP Corp. Personnel Resource $18;PS Production Specialist Resource $24;BD Building Design Fixed $32,000;RC Real Estate Consultant Resource $55;SC Site Cost Fixed $216,000;ME Manufacturing Engineer Resource $18;GC General Contractor Resource $70;PC Permit Costs Fixed $3,200;BC Building Costs Fixed $1,200,000;PD Personnel Director Resource $20;EC Equipment Costs Fixed $780,000;AC Architect Resource $65;IC Equipment Installation Fixed $120,000;MS Marketing Specialist Resource $24;AD Accounting Director Resource $22;TC Truck Cost Fixed $135,000;TM Traffic Manager Resource $19;LC Landscaping Fixed $26,000;PA Purchasing Agent Resource $22;Table #5;Task Task Name Resource Assignments: Resource Initials [percent assigned];1 "HUNTSVILLE - Project;2 PLANNING PHASE;3 Select Architect FS [60%], PM [10%];4 Recruit & Train Managers PM [15%], CP [80%];5 Select Real Estate Consultant PM [10%], FS [50%];6 Pre-Production Plan PS [80%], ME [85%], PM [20%];7 Create Production Plan PS [60%], ME [80%], MS [20%];8 Building Concept FS [40%], AC [70%];9 Building Design FS [20%], AC [10%];10 Site Procurement RC [70%], MS [20%], FS [30%];11 Select General Contractor PM [10%], FS [30%], PS [10%], AC [15%];12 Permits & Approvals PM [10%], RC [30%], GC [10%], AC [15%];13 PREPARATION PHASE;14 Site Preparation PM [20%], RC [20%], GC [20%];15 Building Construction PM [10%], FS [20%], GC [35%];16 Landscaping FS [15%];17 PLANT READINESS PHASE;18 Plant Personnel Recruiting FS [10%], PS [10%], PM [10%], MS [10%], PD [10%];19 Equipment Procurement ME [40%], PA [25%];20 Raw Material Procurement PS [10%], ME [10%], AD [10%], PA [20%];21 Equipment Installation PS [10%], ME [30%], FS [40%];22 Product Distribution Plan MS [45%], TM [40%];23 Truck Fleet Procurement PA [20%], TM [10%], AD [10%];24 Pre-Production Run PS [15%], ME [70%];25 PRODUCTION PHASE;26 Production Start-Up PS [30%], ME [70%];27 Distribution MS [20%], TM [60%];Table #3;HUNTSVILLE PLANT TASK LIST;Task Number Task Name Duration (Weeks) Predecessor(s);1 Huntsville Plant - Project (Project Level Task);2 PLANNING PHASE (Summary);3 Select Architect 2 none;4 Recruit & Train Managers 6 none;5 Select Real Estate Consultant 2 none;6 Pre-Production Plan 2 none;7 Create Production Plan 4 6;8 Building Concept 2 6, 3;9 Building Design 6 8;10 Site Procurement 3 5, 8;11 Select General Contractor 2 8;12 Permits & Approvals 3 5, 10, 11;13 PREPARATION PHASE (Summary);14 Site Preparation 4 9, 10, 12;15 Building Construction 24 9, 12, 14;16 Landscaping 3 15;17 PLANT READINESS PHASE (Summary);18 Plant Personnel Recruiting 8 4, 7;19 Equipment Procurement 24 7;20 Raw Material Procurement 8 7;21 Equipment Installation 4 15, 18, 19;22 Product Distribution Plan 2 7;23 Truck Fleet Procurement 8 15, 22;24 Pre-Production Plan 4 18, 20, 21;25 PRODUCTION PHASE (Summary);26 Production Start-Up 1 24;27 Distribution 1 23, 26


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