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Demand management;This week?s Collaboration will enable you to engage with your colleagues in a further exploration of the important ideas and issues you studied in your Key Concept Exercise.;By Day 4, post a brief (around 100 words) reflection regarding how measuring the accuracy of forecasts using mean absolute deviation (MAD) helps to improve forecasting. In a few sentences, relate the Key Concepts you have studied to your own professional experience, and critically examine how important forecasting is in organisations in which you have worked that may or may not have applied forecasting models effectively.;Please do not post your entire Key Concept Exercise to the Collaboration Forum.;Post 3?5 replies to your classmates? posts in the Collaboration Forum by;Asking probing questions on why we need to manage demand;Extending the conversation into new but relevant areas;Ensure that you spread your collaboration posts across at least three separate days of eachweek. This will help maximise the value of your collaboration with colleagues and serve to meet the learning objectives for each activity


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