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BHS 499 Module 1 SLP BHS499 - Senior Capstone Project Module 1 - SLP Problem Identification




BHS 499 Module 1 SLP;BHS499 - Senior Capstone Project;Module 1 - SLP;Problem Identification;Problem Identification;For this module?s SLP you are asked to further discuss the extent and the impact of this problem. How often is it encountered? What are its negative consequences? Who is affected by the problem? What could be its implications for the mission and vision of the healthcare organization where the problem occurs?;EXPECTATIONS;The objective of the capstone is to conduct research on a relevant issue in health care management, to identify the issues and implications, and to develop a plan to address this issue. Please draw from your exposure to the various issues discussed in the previous courses and from your professional experience. The capstone will give you the opportunity to apply information and skills gained from previous courses (and work experience) and to develop a plan to address a ?real world? healthcare issue.


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