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BHS 499 Module 5 SLP BHS499 - Senior Capstone Project Module 5 - SLP Obstacles and Pitfalls to Succe




BHS 499 Module 5 SLP;BHS499 - Senior Capstone Project;Module 5 - SLP;Obstacles and Pitfalls to Succe;Obstacles and Pitfalls to Success;For the last component of the project please prepare a PowerPoint presentation describing the healthcare management problem you worked on in this capstone course.;EXPECTATIONS;The slides of the presentation must specifically contain the following;1. Title;2. Introduction: (background and context of the problem);3. Importance/relevance and extent of the problem;4. Causes;5. Stakeholder issues;6. Legal, ethical, financial implications.;7. Possible solutionsand current attempts;8. Specific plan and its likelihood of success;9. Conclusions;10. References


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