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Liberty BUSI 620 - Quiz 1




? Question 1;An evolutionary firm would most likely;? Question 2;Emergent strategies provide organizations with a sense of purpose and a guide for allocating resources.;? Question 3;Rudy is writing a report about the individual challenges his firm is facing. Which of the following topics would be LEAST relevant to the report?;? Question 4;Which of the following is a characteristic of most intended strategies?;? Question 5;Manvel Enterprises is implementing a differentiation strategy. Manvel will most likely;? Question 6;The current trend to downsize most likely results in;? Question 7;Job sharing is primarily appealing to;? Question 8;The ________ is the most important part of the job description because it influences all other parts of the job description.;? Question 9;Your relatively flat organization is moving toward a boundaryless structure. Layers of management have been reduced to a minimum. You want employees to be self-managing, to perform several different tasks, and to take complete responsibility for the entire production process. ________ would be your best choice as you implement a job redesign program.;? Question 10;A defender strategy might lead a company to functional divisions of labor and work specialization, which are elements of a boundaryless organization.;? Question 11;Which of the following is NOT an element of a job description?;? Question 12;According to Herzberg's theory, the absence of which of the following would most likely lead to employee dissatisfaction?;? Question 13;Wards Cove Packing vs. Antonio placed the burden of proof of discrimination on the plaintiff, but the Civil Rights Act of 1991 returned the burden of proof to the employer.;? Question 14;A fully functioning and competent Human Resource Department can replace the need for any legal advice on employment discrimination issues.;? Question 15;A disabled individual has either experienced environmental disadvantages or has a physical impairment that limits one or more major life activities.;? Question 16;Reasonable accommodations provided for disabled employees may include modifying work schedules or reassigning job duties.;? Question 17;A utilization analysis looks at which of the following criteria?;? Question 18;B.J. is among a group of 25 applicants for a manager's position. As part of the selection process, all applicants take an exam. It is apparent from the results that African-American applicants tend to score lower than any other subgroup. B.J. is African-American and not selected because of his test score. B.J. may have grounds to sue due to;? Question 19;Effective implementation of a diversity management program requires that managers be held accountable for failures and rewarded for successes.;? Question 20;Foreign-born individuals make up ________ of the U.S. population.;? Question 21;Which term refers to the idea that one can infer an individual's motivations, interests, values, and behavioral traits based on the individual's group membership?;? Question 22;Extended leave is LEAST likely to include;? Question 23;Firms are most likely hesitant to perform official diversity audits because they;? Question 24;Most managers accurately estimate the cost of making accommodations for disabled workers.;? Question 25;During the recession of 2008-2011, the rate of illegal immigrants increased significantly.


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