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The Session Long Project (SLP) involves writing essays on contemporary logistics topics facing an organization of your choice. Pick an organization that will allow you to examine its approach to logistics throughout the course. It may be an organization that you currently work for, one that you have worked for in the past, or one that is of interest to you. Be sure when selecting the reference organization that you will have access to data to address the five module topics. You will be examining this organization for all five modules of the SLP assignments.;The Session Long Project for this Capstone course is based on two major phases (activities) for each of the five modules;Activity 1 (Assessment Phase);Describe and evaluate how your Case study organization approaches five contemporary logistics issues explored in the modules. For example, Module 1 is focused on exploring and describing the placement of logistics in the organizational structure. Module 2 gives you the opportunity to assess the feasibility of the organization?s use of third and fourth party logistics providers. Module 3 examines the role benchmarking and performance assessment play in your organization. Module 4 explores adaptations the organization is making to adjust to the volatility of geopolitical issues. Module 5 demonstrates the role planning plays in the design of a logistics system.;Activity 2 (Improvement Phase);Display your creativity and demonstrate integrative and synthesizing skills based on the current course and on previous courses taken in logistics and related areas (i.e., LOG301, LOG302, and LOG401). Assess how your Case study organization might better address the five issues described in the first phase.;Whenever possible integrate information from previous courses along with providing examples based on your own experiences to illustrate and support the points discussed in the essay.;For Module 1, after selecting a reference organization, write a 1- to 2-page essay that addresses the following;Phase 1 (Assessment Phase);Briefly describe the organization you have selected for the SLP, discuss where the unit responsible for logistics is in the organizational chart, briefly describe the duties and responsibilities of the logistics unit, and note the level of recognition senior management gives the unit.;Phase 2 (Improvement Phase);Assess how and if logistics operations could be more effectively and strategically integrated into the organizational structure (Phase 2).;SLP Assignment Expectations;Display an in-depth understanding of the unit responsible for logistics, the responsibilities of the unit, and the placement of logistics in the organizational chart of the reference organization. Assess the selection feasibility and rationale that the Case study organization will support in the two phases of the SLP exercise. Show critical thinking skills in evaluating the current placement of logistics in the reference organization and how logistics might be more effectively integrated into the organizational structure.


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