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Explain how you would conduct a job analysis in a company that has never had job descriptions. Include cost considerations and methodologies of data collection. Assume you are the new HR director of a small (105 or so employees), rapidly growing company with five work centers: Admin (10 employees including your 3 HR people), warehouse (15), delivery (15), production (50 employees), sales (15 employees) and balance is management (including you).;This examination is intended to exercise your technical knowledge in applying the principles of Human Resource Management. Using this document as your template, provide an answer to Questions 1 and 2 and then one of the remaining four questions (your choice). A couple of paragraphs should suffice for each question, and try to keep each answer to within a page or so. While your answers are not essays per se, you should include references where appropriate, and I have included a ?References? section at the end for your APA-formatted references. You are expected to find at least a couple of additional references to support your response. You should provide more than just your opinion, but also substantiate your response with verifying information. If you give just one additional reference for each of the three questions you have satisfied this requirement. Submit your completed exam by midnight, Sunday. The questions are equally weighted


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