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Financial Accounting and the Entrepreneur;Donna White started her practice as a design consultant on January 1, 2012. During the first month of operations;the business completed the following transactions;Requirements;1. Record each transaction in the journal. Key each transaction by date.;Explanations are not required.;2. Post the transactions to T-accounts, using transaction dates as posting references in the ledger;accounts. Label the balance of each account "Bal.;3. Prepare the trial balance of Donna White, Designer, at January 31, 2012.;Requirement 1;Journey Entry;Date Accounts Debit Credit;Requirement 2 (you may not use all account lines);Post the transactions to the T-accounts and enter the account balance on the last line of each account.;Cash Accounts Payable;Bal. -;Donna White, Capital;Bal. -;Accounts receivable;Bal. -;Bal. - DonnaWhite, Withdrawal;Supplies;Bal. -;Bal. - Service revenue;Furniture;Bal. - Bal. 0;Land Salary expense;Bal. - Bal. -;Rent expense;Bal. Bal. -;Requirement 3;Prepare the trial balance of Donna White, Designer, at January 31, 2012.;Donna White, Designer;Trial Balance;January 31, 2012;Account Debit Credit;Total $ - $ -;Attachments;Mod2_Exercises.xlsx (452.63 KB)


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