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Understanding Statistics in the Behavioral Sciences Problem




A social scientist believes that university theology professors are more conservative in political orientation than their colleagues in psychology. A random sample of 8 professors from the theology department and 12 professors from the psychology department at a local university are given a 50-point questionnaire that measures the degree of political conservatism. The following scores were obtained. Higher scores indicate greater conservatism.;a. What is the alternative hypothesis? In this case, assume a non-directional hypothesis is appropriate because there are insufficient theoretical and empirical bases to warrant a directional hypothesis.;b. What is the null hypothesis?;c. What is your conclusion? Use the Mann?Whitney U test and? = 0.052 tail.;Theology;Professors Psychology Professors;36 13;42 25;22 40;48 29;31 10;35 26;47 43;38 17;12;32;27;32


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