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AYB321 Strategic Management Accounting Discussion Leadership Questions




AYB321 Strategic Management Accounting;Discussion Leadership Questions;Tutorial 4;Balanced Scorecard (1);Hutchins Specialised Furniture Corporation has provided you with the following data in relation to the manufacture of snooker tables;Activity;Average Hours per Table;Assembly of tables;5.0;Average waiting time (idle time due to machine breakdown);1.5;Cutting and fitting cloth;1.0;Delivery and installation in customer?s premises;3.0;Insertion of table pockets;2.0;Inspection of completed tables;0.5;Machining of table legs;4.0;Materials handling;1.0;Storage of completed tables awaiting distribution;2.0;Total;20.0 hours;You are asked to advise on the following;What is Hutchins? MCE? (Show all workings.);How could Hutchins improve their MCE, and how might this provide them with a competitive advantage?;Why would an improvement in MCE be particularly important to a firm whose main customers are switching to JIT manufacturing?;***


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