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This week we will be discussing I.T. as a differentiating factor in the organization




This week we will be discussing I.T. as a differentiating factor in the organization(s) for which you worked. First you will read Mr. Carr's "IT Doesn't Matter" article, accessible at this link. Then you're to think about organization(s) for which YOU have worked**, and respond using the criteria below;?Think how information technology (IT) was used in the organizations you have worked for.;?Referring to the Carr article, identify three (3) concepts in the article that you can relate back to your workplace(s). Concepts may be any ideas that Mr Carr brought forth that resonate with you, you agree with or you disagree with.;?The three concepts you identify can relate to the SAME organization you worked for, or to one or more organizations.;?All 3 of the concepts must tie in with IT.;?In each case, you do not need to give the name of the organization but do identify its sector (i.e., retail, food services, etc).;?Be clear in your response, numbering your 3 concepts so that I (and your classmates) can pick them out easily.;Once you have posted your response, view your peers' postings and begin replying to them. Remember your original post is due by Friday, your peer responses by Monday.;**If you do not have much job experience, please consider a former school, a place of worship, or even a business you frequent where you are aware (for better or worse) of their IT practices.;Grading;Grading for the discussion will be assessed according to the following rubric;Criteria Point Value "A" level "B" level "C" level or below;Quality of Your Responses to Each Question Up to 12 points?Student answers all parts of the assignment.;?Points of view are fully supported with facts, research, and/or experiences.;?Interesting talking points are provided for the rest of the class.;?Responses are posted on time (this Friday).;?All parts of the assignment are not thoroughly answered.;?Points of view are mostly supported.;?Talking points for the rest of the class are weak.;?Responses are posted on time (this Friday).;?Student does not address much of the assignment.;?Points of view are stated, but not sufficiently supported with relevant information.;?Talking points are non-existent.;?Responses are not posted by this Friday.;Quality of Your Responses to Other Students 4 points?Student interacts on more than one day of the week and posts 5 or more substantive posts to peers. This means the student does not simply agree/disagree with other students, but provides reasoning behind why they agree/disagree.;?Student posts 1-2 paragraphs of text supporting their point of view in each posting.;?Student checks back to see if there have been responses to his/her posts in order to stimulate discussion.;?Comments are posted on time (by the next Monday).;?Student does not interact on more than one day of the week and/or posts fewer than 5 substantive posts to peers. Posts lean towards simply agreeing/disagreeing.;?Student posts less than 1-2 paragraphs of text supporting their point of view in each posting.;?Comments are posted on time (by the next Monday).;?Student simply agrees or disagrees with other students' points of view without explaining why.;?Student is impolite or disrespectful in their responses.;?Student's responses are a sentence or two in length and/or made all on the same day.;Overall Organization and Clarity of all Posts 4 points?Content contains no apparent flow problems;?Very few obvious spelling andor grammar errors;?Cited information is clearly denoted from credible sources.;?Content contains a few flow problems;?A few spelling andor grammar errors are apparent;?Cited information is present, but not clearly denoted or from a poor source;?Content is poorly organized or contains fragmented thoughtsideas;?Many spelling andor grammar mistakes;?Sources of information are listed, but not cited, or from irrelevant sources.


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