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Quiz Essay IV;This week's quiz essay reading is perhaps the most challenging literature you;will read this term. I have assigned Peralta's (2010) "Raced and;gendered reactions to the deviance of drunkenness: A sociological analysis of;race and gender disparities in alcohol use" for a variety of reasons. First and;foremost, it is an excellent example of sociological research on social deviance.;Secondly, I hope that it will begin to stimulate your thinking toward the;themes of upcoming readings on race and gender.;What You Should Do;1.;Read Chapter 6 from your textbook on social deviance.;2.;Read the above introduction to this quiz if you have not yet done so. It;will tell you generally where my interests lie in assigning this reading.;3.;Print out and read Peralta's 2010 article titled "Raced and;gendered reactions to the deviance of drunkenness: A;sociological analysis of race and gender disparities in alcohol;use." Because this article may be somewhat difficult, it is imperative that;you take notes as you move through the article. It will actually save you;time in the end. The article can be found in the eReserves link following the;path: Content/Course Resources/eReserves/eReserves.;4.;After you have read the article, write an essay in which you address the;following: a) what is the "time out" hypothesis and how does Peralta's;research refine it? b) briefly summarize what you feel to be Peralta's most;important findings as they relate to differences between and among Blacks;and Whites, men and women? c) finally, explain what is "sociological;about the research and findings?;5.;Spell-check, grammar-check and edit your essay and then submit it the;assignments folder.


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