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Assume you are a consultant to Fred?s Sticks




RQ1. Assume you are a consultant to Fred?s Sticks, a golf club manufacturer that sells its club directly to customers on the web. Review Figure 4-5, which describes how advertisers select television programs that would be good hosts for their ads. Present a list of 4 magazines (other than golf magazines) in which Fred?s Sticks should consider placing print advertising to support its web sales effort. For each magazine, write 170 words in which you explain why that magazine would be a good advertising outlet to reach potential customers of an online golf club store.;FIGURE 4-5: Television advertising messages tailored to program audience.;TYPE OF TELEVISION PROGRAM;Children?s cartoon;Daytime dramas;Late-night talk shows;Golf tournaments;Baseball and football games;Documentary films;TYPE OF ADVERTISING;Children?s toys and games;Household and laundry goods, pet foods;Snack foods and nonprescription drugs;Golf equipment, investment services, and life insurance;Snack foods, beer, autos;Books, CD?s, educational videotapes;Attachment Preview;BUS 107 ASSIGNMENT 1.docx;Hello Professor! I need the following DUE DATE OCT 29, 2010.;Please respond to RQ1. Make a170 words per magazines.;RQ1. Assume you are a consultant to Freds Sticks, a golf club manufacturer that... Show more


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