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Your ad hoc team at the Charleston




Details: Your ad hoc team at the Charleston, SC facility has already developed your set of recommendations. Your next task is to develop a presentation of your recommendations to a group consisting of the plant manager, the divisional VP, your boss, and your boss's boss.;These parties are interested in your responses regarding the following;The current plant manager is interested in action. The response should briefly discuss the problems and the history behind them, and then proactively shift focus to the recommended corrective actions. The response should at least tentatively assign responsibility for each action to the appropriate plant-level staff or operations group. It should also identify what resources the plant manager should request, if any, from divisional- or corporate-level staffs.;The divisional VP is interested in results. Remember that a VP is very busy, so try not to get too lengthy in this portion. It should quickly explain what actions were recommended to the plant manager but should spend comparatively more time on how the divisional staff may best provide support to the plant.;Your boss is most interested in the quality of the work that you have done. The response should include a more detailed description of current situation and focus more on the analytical and problem-solving approaches that were used.;Your boss's boss may or may not be interested in seeing or hearing your response. He may be primarily interested in learning about how satisfied the plant manager and divisional VP seemed to be with your work.;Assignment Guidelines;To create your presentation, you should do the following;In the presentation, address the following for each of the 4 issues listed above;Define the problem.;Identify the alternatives.;Determine the evaluation criteria.;Evaluate the alternatives.;Choose an alternative/recommendation.;When you have finished, complete your presentation in a recommendation section by including the following;Provide your recommendation for operations, and explain why you came to that decision.;Provide a list of which additional plant staff members you would want to attend the formal presentation to the plant manager. Explain.;Include brief risk analysis of your recommendation. The risk analysis should state each possible decision combination (example: success, partial success, or failure) and the set of possible payoffs.;Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.


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