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Strayer BUS 310 Ch 01 Short Question Answer




Chapter 1?The Nature of Human Resource Management;SHORT ANSWER;46. Contrast scientific management and the human relations movement in terms of their focus on employees and their behaviors.;47. What is meant by a "human resource management system," and how does this relate to the concept of an organization as a system?;48. What are the important goals of human resource management? For each goal, give two examples of specific HR actions or techniques that organizations can use to obtain that goal.;49. How does achievement of the other three goals (enhancing productivity and quality, complying with legal and social obligations, and promoting individual growth and development) aid an organization in accomplishing the goal of facilitating organizational competitiveness? How would failure to achieve these goals hinder organizational competitiveness?;50. What is the difference between a line manager and a staff manager, and how would a human resource manager typically be classified?


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