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MNGT 520 Production Management




Frandec Company manufactures, assembles, and rebuilds material handling equipment used in warehouses and distribution centers. One product, called a Liftmaster, is assembled from four components: a frame, a motor, two supports, and a metal strap. Frandec?s production schedule calls for 5000 Liftmasters to be made next month. Frandec purchases the motors from and outside supplier, but the frames, supports, and straps may be either manufactured by the company or purchased from an outside supplier. Manufacturing and purchase costs per unit are shown.;Component;Manufacturing Cost;Purchase Cost;Frame;$38.00;$51.00;Support;$11.50;$15.00;Strap;$6.50;$7.50;Three departments are involved in the production of these components. The time (in minutes per unit) required to process each component in each department and the available capacity (in hours) for the three departments are as follows;Department;Component;Cutting;Milling;Shaping;Frame;3.5;2.2;3.1;Support;1.3;1.7;2.6;Strap;0.8;-;1.7;Capacity (hours);350;420;680;a. Formulate and solve a linear programming model for this make-or-but application. How many of each component should be manufactured and how many should be purchased?;b. What is the total cost of the manufacturing and purchasing plan?;e. Another manufacturer has offered to sell frames to Frandec for $45 each. Could Frandec improve its position by pursuing this opportunity? Why or why not?


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