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While Tim Horrons had experience with serving military bases in Canada




lntroduction;On Jun-e 29_22006, a couple of {ays before Canada;Day, Tim Donuts Limitedi (TDL)'opened a new;Tim Hortons location at the milirarv base in;Kandahar, Afgftanistan..I, *", 6illltlr1.,.-;qubit ofthe former Canadian Chief of the Defence;Staff, General Rick Hillier. While Tim Horrons had;experience with serving military bases in Canada, this parlicu.lpr- ltcarion was;lons;'.e'. t;I;6d;irljgu_s;dSIirS]y a deparrure from Tim Hor-;f.ra nchi-se- ba;sed _ekpa;nsioil;srra;regy thro u gh;Canada and, morFrecenrly, the United States.;The Tim Hortons' location in Kandahar, Afghanistan;a number of pnique organizationai challenges. For ex-poses;ample, the location is Tim Aortons'fqfthefTiienrure outside, the Nonh America4 continenr. There are nu-irou, op.ra- tional issues ro be ru\oived for a company that ploii"otes its;products and services with the{lbffi'n::Alwayj lffi;r..1 r:.:., The sraffing jssues at Kandahar did.o-bou'nded bv the;wider coLrexl of'#ptoyrn.nt in Canada. ifih,,h. nr-b.;of younger woikit, in the food;6-e"ari6 service indus"na;try in Canada is.e.4pqcred to short of lon!-t.r.n projected;f - requiremenrs. $qiogd, the 6oorh'ing oil industry in Vestern;i., Cana{1 h,as cre'ated a currenr *_o{eg. of employees and;I;];I;I._1,..;t;;j^-.,-;r;Forces Bases h"u.;standard Tim;"-.igtgto;and benefits.;H"-*"."s;employees at Kandahar have to goii;a i,_^If;rrgciSru,.trairing process, including lerrning?;danger of landmines, gas mask training for n'uck;biological atracks, medicine in;learning how to handle rhemselves i" u'lt"'-g.,itii;According to Jennifer Jones, a Kandahar.iofloy..;We're p-rone to rocket at1agfu..Of course, *r'r, li',ii;fim Hijrioni ubere the'iiij'ofity of,rrtoi"r,,ii;fully armed. But by now I'm used to the sight of a so;with a rifle in one hand and a coffee in the oiher. We'it;prone to rocket attacks on the base, and when the aL;sounds, we haue to get all the customers out of the stoi;and sit in the back until the all clear sounds. fherei;beauy thud, a feeling of impact and tben the eerie waill,lj;af\;an old air-raid siren. That's the signal to grt;to the back of tbe store, if I,m working.2;fc;ln1;ne;tr;toiTffii;T;n;S;yagq inflation;pressures o.r a,low-m"rgiqi food industry.;Tim'Hortons ar Kandahar will nqi be able ro provije;\Thir41;i'}t?6.n.fits of flexible work scheduieg,.'.jrf,ilriiiiiry:nyo&.ment, and organizational growth opportuniries that are;highly valued byJim Hortons employees in Canada. The;location itself resi?icrs freedom of movement and familv;involvement for effiyeet. r*,fioya.r,rj,lirr,J,rr-"*t;the Canadian Forces Personnel Sgpport Ag.n,y (CFPSA);and receiv,e training on such matters as how to handle a po;ir_.,!g4!;or liological atrack before working at the;"ii6u1;militarybase.l;#;-;(g;are an encouraging sign for the;company...,.,,_*;1$;Retired Major-General Cam Ross told the Spicratoit*;that he believes the opening of a Tim Hortons will;the Tio'op s spii,ts. Ross is speaking from experien... H.;spent two years as tN force commander in the Middle;East;frequently used Tim Hortons' goodies to make;_and;people feel at home. "I can definirelv rell vou Tim Hortons;does influence positively tthel-?niifaie of jeployed troops,;;Tim Hortons and the Canadian Military;he said. "Ir connecrs with;Just as there is a Tim Hortons available within a short distance of most Canadians' homes, there are Tim Hortons;franchises located near or often within Canadian Forces;Bases in Canada. Therefore, the armed forces personnel living and working on Canadian Forces Bases are aciij-sio'med;to having a Tim Hortons coffee, donut, or sandtieh-on a;regular basis. Tim Hortons'employees working at Canadian;dian can you get thdrirolPup the iirflr'Tim Horrons?;Ross added, "And I doiT-get paid by Tim Hortons for;"'ITritten by Ushnish Sengupta, for rhe First Canadian Edition, 2008.;"'Hopefuls for Tim Hortons Kandahar outlet get survival training;(May 5, 2006);at http://www.cbc.calcanada/story/2006/05/05/;timhortons-afghan0605O5.html (accessed July 1 8, 2O0B).;CanadJHo* *uch'mo. e Cana-;saying so."r;'?J. Jones, "Tim Hortons in Kandahar, Afghanistan: An lnsider5;View," Canadian Living (November 2007), at http://www.canadian;I ivi n g. com/lif e/com m un itylti;m_hortons_in_kanda har_af ghanistan;an_rnsiders_view php;3"Troops in Kandahar;Staff, (March;7;to Get a Tim Hortons;2006);at;Shop,,, CTVca News;http:/,/servleVArlicleNews/;story/CWNews/20060306/af g ha n_timhortons 06030v/;20060307? hub=Canada (accessed luly 20, 2OO8).;lntegrative Cases;t.;-+n4,.."'*:..;m{-o*{!q-ns-'Missiori;i;so7.;N*'Fff.lffffitfgilf;I;l;l;t.;v;f;o;n,=,**:fiiffiffi,*g,,5;,:TItrrL::i;i"Tltrj::*:'1,"**t,.*5J.**#:,Jt*iF#,".* *.llj.l'"ogt'4]*rtr"',"""i'i)o'""'";,',,,,;:'r'i;'':;,:*:,*;*#fil*iffi;e;a,f,r;:t.;h;gm;*$*ff;*o+*ff#*rffifffififfifigffi;ffi,:::#.:Y;'rhroug;a*.o;:-;rl;g*:1#[l,-'#Lu4u#l'ffi;ionu;*:,;t:l#,iliffi,"tli j:::r;#* xi',,ifJ "lT;-..,#rut *:::=:,g* # ffi *..;,:F',,i1:1,1:l#*li*ff mm:mr#*i:.:rrii#t,f;inff;1r;;" i,,,u;t:.;:'"t;il,,fr *++*:mi,iF,.,r.m,f;,1.;e;e.:.i;g:li;s.r;ffiff###'ffiiffiffi$f#ff,ffiffi;rtm Flortons;was;ra;llH,Ti*llf'"r,,:,:::#!1,!,*,::^::,,ff,n;fffi;i'tH'tr;r;#;fi.+:l'l*rrumru*f{u:tp*ru;ji'fl,#ftr***ffi,*:,.m:,**,,3;iidl##.H?i^,#i.,!:irjn'r"':,*:t::.!,,i:J;1"* ll n:fff.:,'""#1n i il:'ffi:T,j,t:neo;:"":;ir.lffi;stii, Hard ror;*,,rdrgvtriiliT."',,d*fffi,ugt-,,ff1g,{#ffi,,);i..'t;508,i\ t;Tim Hortons' Organizational Struciure;approximately 1,600 employees working;franchised store locationr,.-ploy..;cluding human resources, corporate, reai estate and fran-r',?.rygd by rhe franchiseer;"..i;noi th.."*,;";chise law, property management, purchasing, customer f:"i*tr. srores employ ond 100,000;ver;p.ipiJi;Tim Hortons' organization consists of a head office;(in-;service, corporate communications, construction;and store design, distribution, finance and taxation, information technology, marketing and cor-;porate affairs, operations, real estate, and research;and development), regional offices, distribution;centers, a national training centre, and franchises.;Tim Hortons is a fganchise-based organization;with more than 95 percent.of restauranrs being;operared by franchisees;The Tim Hortons location in Kandahar, however, is;not a fgtgbise, and is, ofcourse, considered a nonstandard;restaurant. Tim Hortons' other nonstandard restaurants;the United States.12;Tim Hortons offers store employees fl.*#;ognoluJrilieq, gomf urer-bar.alnJ;ldy"9t"1slt;rrarnrng, rncentrve and recog_nition programs that;staff for excelience in customer service and;The Tim Hortons' scholarship program provides;ployees who have d.-onitr.r.d;and volunteer activiiies the opportuniry ro,.?ffi;ror poi!.!-9iaa41y education., T,,n H,,,,i r-*d;l,"J.,r[j,'il;participate;in local;communify and volunteer;providing employees with additional opporrunities to;leadership and teamwork skilis. Ti- Hortorr.'t;include co_q4ers in educational settings, health care locations;exhibits its local communiry involvement through;retail, offices, and gas stations and other travel-oriented plaques, and certificates prominenriy displayed i;on;loCations. The company has a leng:ego_par1nerqhip wirh rant walls.;Imperial Oil, with almosr half of nonstandard iestauranrs;-->y Head office empioyees at Tim Hortons are;ioCared i-n Esso convenience srores.;additional benefits: (1) pension plan, employee a;A standard Tim Hortons' restaurant organizational plan, wellness programs, (2) learning and;structure consists_gj,s.-r:rlevqls: (1) storefront employee, (2) p.tgFr"T, including performance;managemenr, ead,r;productiiin-e-pl,y.{?t designated rrainer, (4j team skills development, tuition reimbursement, alnd ii;supervisor, (5) assistant manager, and (5) store manager. A development, and (3) company-sponsored;evenrs such;storefronr employee is the first point of pontact with cus_ annual staff celebrations, golf;tournaments, and bar;tomers and, therefore, a plays a bi[nfiiant part in main- ques, opportunrtres to participate;in the Tim Hortoi;taining a high standard of customer service.,i production;Children's Foundation, and membership at the Tim Fi;staff, such as bakers, produce baked goods requiring some;fitness centre.15;specialized training and skills.;;/;A designated trainer triins;and coaches new and existing employees ro maintain a.r--.L consistendy high quiliry of product and cusromer service.;Team supervisors lead by example as modei employees, and;are enip6#er'ed to find opportunities,-'- '(-;-;l>,t-.--..;Er4pJoyee Reward Philosophy,..-;for impiovement in;the business. An assistant manager at Tim Hortons rypically;has considerable experience in theJood service industiy ani;supports the store manager anil'blvner with day-to;dal,,operations of the business. A srore manager provides exithiie;in r6gruiting, training, and cli#hing Ti'm Horrons' franchise;staff td achieve and maintain high srandards of operation.;Store managers plan and &#ute;-iffid. of increasing;sales and achieving targeted l6its.;Tim Hortons proudly provides text and video;nial from employees on its website, in order to attracr newl;employees. However, not all employees at Tim Horton-s;stores are enrirely pleased with their jobs. Social nefwork:i;ing sites such as Facebook host hundreds of Tim Hortonsj;related groups, including those listing employee complaintsi;about company management.l6, -.,;_ The opporrunities for flexible schedules, ctn_yenient;locations, career advancement, access to training u"J h.ud;office stafl and communiry involvement are seveiely limited;for the staff in Kandahar, Afghanistan. At the same time;wages are competitive, and employees are provided with a;tax-free spending allowance by the CFpSA. CFpSA posi-;tions in Afghanistan are in demand, approximately L,200.;As of2006, Tim Hortons hEd approximately 1,565 employees in its djr_r_c.gpl officed,'iegiqnal of6ces, and distribution;centres. Tim Hortons directly operated 34 restaurants in;Canada and 6l restaurants in the United States. The num;ber of full-time employees working in these co'rpoiate;restaurants rn 2006 was approximately 500, withinother;rr"Continue to Learn and Grow;at;en/joi n/tea m-4. htm I (accessed j uly 20, 20OB).;people applied every six months for 63 Cf'pSA positions in;and Rewards at wv/ (accessed July;''zBenefits;1g;2008).;r3lbid.;Flbrd.;r5lbid.;'6Marianne Whjte, "Rants fuel Tim Hortons Facebook Groups;(January 1 1, 2008) at;story. hrm?id=d b41 4da4-c7 2a-4409_b5e6_5a;(accessed July 20, 2008).;5;bf d;1;875d3;integrative Cases;509,t;fli:*r:cluding;21 positions at the Tim;Hortons Expansion outside;North America has not been;part of;e"n",i"i." tri''##it:*f::*'i:al+{#iTj;,ru;d;diq,H,gnn",:ri.'oriign;*,'f:r'J[::"il::: P_":il,,,'l,.gionarpresence;i;b;rnternet.)rr;a virruai r.ariry-basei;*i$W'r*:'-ffii,.l,ffil,l'trftl,l,ff+J.',iiffi*S*,*t*;Tim Hortons' entrv;inro,h. u.3],,,k.r",,,.q,,,,,s.s,e;r3;stratesy;l-;v;thatio-#frete wirh;o;trlt{i:d't'in +j.l,:g:,l:#: #,{,:H,*ti***=p*,#f;st,,,,'.*.,-*.a:jr"."ar,,"*;b;v;expansion sffategv;s;some cuitural !4g{ers;p;the united;,,.rr,,'*.,.;;tations' rTendv Evans'"a1"-g..g9a;a r,ft'i6-.913,.,ilI,,;v;specializes in cross-border;s;expansion,iia;ii;;'!,.:fT:":::,X,!',,o,,i,.,h" u,iiiiii,i*i",,',;fornice,",r,,,",,,Z!,,o"u ' ' ' There's 1"t no"oo*-,d;rt,'r,t,:.;ip;rTMatthew E,.h^. -r:--;7[,4effho,n;Fisher, "Tim Hortons Franchrse;in Afqhanistan;a shortage e1 6err1_6Ji;;il;fl;y,qTg::rr'-.-,._r.:...;A..po.?-or^#i#l,:f{:m"_lr;ffi: i,,,f#"., A,,o.iutiol l"-ziii, Hetp wanted: rhe;rr"r-.32e,,rior,.;[n Canada companies haue t.ended;to exist side by side with;1-;: Renin^;Labour shortage crisis and;caria)),, Foodrrrrice Indus;111^l:_ot.ri:-_1.,cro*ilc;resrauranrs;demographic;fast_food;i_ssue_fq;yilh.u.ero*i,* u?,J"rpaby booi-es cus;fff::',:1.",Hffifru*htffffi:,.a;critical component orlr;to"g-_i.,ii.*p"rrrio' slrdtcBy;--^re'rurvar r rrategy.,q^r-^,-;_.:t,:^,,i,,l:),il,:+*ffi#,lfijtril7,,$,[:,Ji)2,,,,"?gi;)3imbits(accesseo turv zo;zoosj',.'"'uu"u;1S;,i.:ii::C,$:i,'l;543625fd1d83&p.=ilzsa (accessed;July 20,2oo').;"rims rakes on America,;Macte:an's,n;rit,ff:r5l!;crs;kS;ts;nt;rd;:d;re;,i)0;in;I;on rhe;l;r'l;:t;(March;24,,t'l:8:TH'"t#,T:il:::".#:.:?:'"H:l?lilli,[:]::i;\;I,'.,-\


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