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Program #1;1. Add an instance method called transferTo to the Account class we discussed in Chapter 3.3 (Page 92) of the textbook;a. The transferTo method should transfer a specified amount of money to another bank account if there is enough balance. In this case, a successful tranerring message is returned. Otherwise (i.e., no enough balance), the transferring request should be denied and return a warning message to the caller.;b. Hence the method should accept two parameters: the destination bank account and the amount for transfer.;c. The transferTo method should return a stringback to the caller: ?Transferred Successfully: $amount!? or ?Transferred failure: no enough balance!?.;2. Write Mybank class in;a. Create an array to hold four Account objects;b. For each account, randomly set the balance in the range of $0-$1000.00, print out the balance of each account;c. Transfer a random amount in the range of ($0-$100.00) from the 1st account to 2nd account, printout transferring results and their remaining balance.;d. Transfer a random amount in the range of ($0-$300.00) from the 3rd account to 4th account, printout transferring results and their remaining balance.;Program #2;Write a program called which will ask the user to enter the number of rows and the number of column for a 2-dimention array. Then the program generates an integer number in the range of [0, 10000] for each element of the array.;1. Print the header including your name and panther ID, print a blank line after the header;2. Print the 2-dimention array and each column is center-aligned;3. Print out a blank line followed by the maximum, average and minimum values of the 2-dimention array.


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