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Register Requesting Courses




Question 1;A summary of business activities for registering courses for enrolled students and;for registering class lists for faculty members and for administrators at an online university is as follows;Students send in a course registration form consisting of their personal information and their desired courses. The system checks that the courses are available and that the student is academically qualified to take the course.;Based on the checking results, the system will send to the student a confirmation and/or rejection letter with detailed information for each requesting course. Faculty members and administrators will receive registering class lists when the registration period is complete.;Draw the logical data flow diagram level 0 for the ?Courses Registration? system showing all the major processes using the following ?recommended? items;Process names;(1) Check Course Availability and Academic Qualification;(2) Register Requesting Courses;(3) Confirm/Reject Courses Registration;(4) Generate Class List;Data stores:Derived from the above narrative;External entities: Derived from the above narrative;Data flows: Derived from the above narrative.


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