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Stats Two problems




1. The data below are the electricity consumptions in kilowatt-hours per month from ten houses and the areas in square feet of those houses;(a) Plot the data with KW on vertical axis.;(b) Write out the nonlinear equation form for a linear-quadratic segmented polynomial model. (KW is the response);(c) To the best of your abilities, provide educated guesses for the starting values for the parameters.;(d) Fit the model and provide all parameter estimates and standard error, including the ?cut-off? point? between the two lines. Write out the linear and the quadratic equations explicitly.;2. A repeated measures experiment was performed to decide which of the two textbooks the class should use in the future. The data are given below.;(a) Should one fit a GEE or conditional GLMM model, explain which one should be used and why.;(b) What correlation structure should be used, feel free to explore more options than the one covered in class.;(c) Write conclusions on your findings.


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