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Spreadsheet Modeling and Decision Analysis Problem




Eric Brown is responsible for upgrading the wireless network for his employer. He has identified seven possible locations to install new nodes for the network. Each node can provide service to different regions within the corporate campus. The cost of installing each node and the regions that can be served by each node are summarized;Node 1: Regions 1,2,5 Cost $700;Node 2: Regions 3,6,7 Cost $600;Node 3: Regions 2,3,7,9 Cost $900;Node 4: Regions 1,3,6,10 Cost $1250;Node 5: REgions 2,4,6,8 Cost $850;Node 6: Regions 4,5,8,10 Cost $1000;Node 7: Regions 1,5,7,8,9 Cost $1100;Formulate an ILP for this problem;Implement your model in a spreadsheet and solve it;What is the optimal solution?


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