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A case study of STAT OIL:The evolution of the Norwegian model




Analyse the companies history, development and growth.;2.identification of the companies internal strengths and weaknesses.;3.environmental analysis(this is about the industry environment and structure i.e the opportuinities and threats);4.SWOT analysis;5.Analysisng the corporate level strategy;6. Analysing business-level strategy.;7.analysing structure and control systems of the company.8.Make recomendations;•Clearly identify the core problem(s);•Analyse the issues underlying the problem;•Discuss and justify alternative solutions using theory / experience;•Present feasible recommendations;•Be presented in an appropriate format;I need an appropriate strategic analysis of this paper,including but not limited to the use of evry relevant strategic model such as porters five forces,pestel analysis,swot analysis,resources based view and approach,core competences approach,balanced score card e.t.c.;11 pages.


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