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Definition of Realism




In terms of "Paper Pills" by Sherwood Anderson;1. provide your own definition of realism;2. analyze author?s style: what role does your author?s style play in achieving and disrupting realism? That is, how does the author use specific literary devices (imagery, characterization, symbolism, etc.) to both create and disrupt realism? What are the purposes and effects of these choices? Examples.;3. Does it mean that the narrator?s perspective is objective, like a camera? Or that the narration successfully mimics an individual?s subjective perspective? Does it mean that the language is direct and not embellished? Or does it mean that the author?s style mimics the way people think? Examples.;4. indicate 1) which elements are used to achieve realism, 2) which elements serve to complicate/disrupt realism, and 3) how these elements work together to shape the meaning of the work. Examples.


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