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Compare and Contrast




33 (and also compare a contrast of);Consider a taste test experiment of six types of cookies;1 (brand A,chewy,expensive);2 (brand A,crispy,expensive);3 (brand B,chewy,inexpensive);4 (brand B,crispy,inexpensive);5 (brand C,chewy,expensive);6 (brand D,crispy,inexpensive);At random, 20 different rater are assigned to each cookie.;7. Design contrasts to compare chewy vs crispy, and expensive with inexpensive.;8. Are the contrasts orthogonal? Show.;For the example in class with 3 levels: control, trt1 and trt2, we used contrasts w1=(1,-0.5,-0.5) and w2=(0,1,-1). Now assume the sample sizes were n1=10, n2=7, n3=8. Rescale w1 and/or w2 so that they are still orthogonal and still make the same relative comparisons, i.e. compare control to the two trts and compare trt1 to trt2.


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