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1. Assume that you are on the staff of a PRC legislator. Outline the arguments that you would use to support a law that required all government agencies to use only open-source software on their Web servers.;2. Assume that you are working for the marketing department of Microsoft China. Develop a detailed list of briefing points that would help your salespeople convince top executives of large PRC companies to use Windows operating system software on their Web servers.;3. Assume that you are working for the business system?s analysis department in IBM?s PRC division, which offers both Microsoft Windows and Linux consulting services to PRC businesses and government offices. Develop a checklist that IBM analysts could use in consulting projects that could help advice clients as they make a choice between Windows or Linux operating system software for their Web servers.;4. Companies such as RedHat, Novell (with its SuSE distribution), and others offer Linux operating system software for sale. Although Linux is available at no cost from various sources, these companies charge a fee for installation and configuration help. They also offer service contracts to help users maintain and upgrade the software on a continuing basis. Briefly outline the strategies that these companies might use to expand their market share in the PRC.


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