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Total Cholesterol Level




A family doctor is interested in examining the relationship between a patient?s age and total cholesterol. He randomly selects 14 of his female patients and obtains the data presented in the scatter plot below;Simple Linear Regression;Simple linear regression results;Dependent Variable: Total Cholesterol;Independent Variable: Age;Total Cholesterol = 151.35365 + 1.3990642 Age;Sample size: 14;R (correlation coefficient) = 0.7178;R-sq = 0.5152521;Parameter estimates;Parameter Estimate;Intercept 151.35365;Slope 1.3990642;a. Looking at the following scatterplot of the data, what does it tell you about the;relationship between Age and Total Cholesterol Level?;b. Find the equation of the least squares line of regression for this data.;c. What does the correlation coefficient tell you about the relationship;between the patient?s Age and their Total Cholesterol Level?;d. If a patient is 35, predict their Total Cholesterol Level.;e. Are you confident that predictions based on the equation of the;least squares line of regression will be quite accurate? Why or;why not?;f. What percentage of the variation in the Total Cholesterol Level can be explained by the regression on the patient?s Age?


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