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I only need Pr. 19-4A and Pr.Ex. 20-7A. I have th...




I only need Pr. 19-4A and Pr.Ex. 20-7A. I have the attachment that lists the prices for Pr. 19-4A.,The attached is the book used to configure the excel spreadsheet I sent. Problem 19-4A on page 887. Please only use the PDF I sent over to configure the information on the excel spreadsheet I sent.,?Problem 19-4A is on page 887. The information listed below is what is on page 887. The excel attachment is what I need reviewed and worked on. Please only work on the excel template. Big Wave Company manufactures surf boards in a wide variety of sizes and styles. The following incomplete ledger accounts refer to transactions that are summarized for July: Materials July 1 Balance 30,000 July 31 Requisitions (A) 31 Purchases 120,000 Work in Process July 1 Balance (B) July 31 Completed jobs (F) 31 Materials (C) 31 Direct labor (D) 31 Factory overhead applied (E) Finished Goods July 1 Balance 0 July 31 Cost of goods sold (G) 31 Completed jobs (F) Wages Payable July 31 Wages incurred 120,000 Factory Overhead July 1 Balance 22,000 July 31 Factory overhead applied (E) 31 Indirect labor (H) 31 Indirect materials 16,000 31 Other overhead 95,000 In addition, the following information is available: a. Materials and direct labor were applied to six jobs in July: Job No. Style Quantity Direct Materials Direct Labor No. 21 X-10 200 $ 20,000 $15,000 No. 22 X-20 400 34,000 26,000 No. 23 X-50 200 14,000 8,000 No. 24 T-20 250 30,000 25,000 No. 25 X-40 180 22,000 17,500 No. 26 T-10 __1_4_0_ ___8__,0_0_0_ ___4_,5_0__0 Total __1__,3__7__0__ $__1__2__8____,0__0__0__ $__9____6__,0__0__0__ b. Factory overhead is applied to each job at a rate of 160% of direct labor cost. c. The July 1 Work in Process balance consisted of two jobs, as follows: Work in Process, Job No. Style July 1 Job 21 X-10 $ 6,000 Job 22 X-20 _1_6__,0_0_0_ Total $__2____2__,0__0__0__ d. Customer jobs completed and units sold in July were as follows: Completed Units Sold Job No. Style in July in July No. 21 X-10 X 160 No. 22 X-20 X 320 No. 23 X-50 0 No. 24 T-20 X 210 No. 25 X-40 X 150 No. 26 T-10 0 Instructions 1. Determine the missing amounts associated with each letter. Provide supporting calculations by completing a table with the following headings: July 1 Cost of Job Work in Direct Direct Factory Total Unit Units Goods No. Quantity Process Materials Labor Overhead Cost Cost Sold Sold 2. Determine the July 31 balances for each of the inventory accounts and factory overhead.,I now only need Pr.Ex. 20-7A in the excel spreadsheet I forwarded to you, not the PDF.


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