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LEO BA585 research paper 2




PAPER 2;TERM PROJECT (PROSPECTUS);1. The term project is to develop a finished "Prospectus for a Thesis." The student is referred to APA for the mechanical details of a prospectus preparation.;2. Approval of the research topic by the instructor can be obtained at any time. For approval, each student must submit the following information;a. Proposed research topic.;b. Definition of the problem.;c. Preliminary statement of justification (Purpose).;d. Preliminary statement of hypothesis.;e. Preliminary statement of methodology.;f. Preliminary review of the literature.;(None of the above need be submitted in a "formal" manner (i.e. this information may be presented on one or two sheets of paper--written in longhand or may be discussed with the instructor informally).;3. The student should consider the following elements when preparing Chapter I of the prospectus (all elements are required except Definitions).;a. Background;b. Problem Statement;c. Purpose of Study;d. Study Hypothesis (es);e. Definitions


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