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After reading the ?VDOT Written Case.? at;The following parts have been answered by peers but I thought you may want to read this as well to get a feel of what the paper is about.;Part 1 of your paper should address the following;1.Identify three management theories (one from classical approaches, one from the human relations approach, and one from the modern management approaches) that you think would be applicable in managing VDOT and the impact this change might have on organizational behavior within VDOT. Justify your choices with examples.;2.Explain how VDOT has reacted to the six challenges that face managers in the 21st century and evaluate its impact on VDOT?s effectiveness.;Part 2;Part 2 of your paper should address the following;1.What factors operate in the VDOT?s general and specific/internal environment, and what impact did this have on the VDOT?s effectiveness?;2.As a result of your environmental analysis, what would you prioritize for your long-term, mid-term, and short-term goals? Why?;Part 3;Part 3 of your paper should address the following;1.What motivational theory can you use to explain Shucet?s reasons for taking the job?;2.Identify the motivational problems that existed at VDOT and provide suggestions on how Shucet could have motivated employees to action by using four motivational theories (one from content theories, one from process theories, one from reinforcement theories, and the job enrichment model).


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