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Trident Log401 module 1 case and SLP




Case 1;Case Assignment;Supply Chain Standards;For this Case study find and read the article below in the ProQuest database. Then answer the following question.;? In general, how will information technology help logistics integration?;Assignment Expectations;Discuss specifically how information technology is helping Sunsweet Growers meet its logistics needs on both the supply and demand side. Include at least three references. The paper should have 3?4 pages of written text plus a cover sheet and references page.;Upton, Harold, Harpal Singh. (2007, Mar.) Balanced S&OP: Sunsweet Growers? Story,Supply Chain Management Review. New York: Vol.11. Issues 2, pg 51.;SLP 1;The Session Long Project is not a term paper due at the end of the course but a vehicle for the student to give the topics of each module a personal, concrete expression. SLP assignments are due at the end of each module.;Pick an organization to examine throughout the rest of the course. It may be one you work for or not. You will be examining its logistics functions for the SLP assignments.;Assignment: Discuss the structure of this organization and its supply chain integration.;SLP Assignment Expectations;In 2-3 pages, cover the following;1. The name of the organization;2. Its primary business;3. Why you chose this organization;4. The logistics functions of this organization;5. A description of its supply chain integration efforts;The paper should have a cover sheet and a references page (which do not count in the paper page count).


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