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Question 1;is the accomplishment of tasks that help fulfill organizational objectives.;Answer;Benchmarking;Optimizing;Satisficing;Efficiency;Effectiveness;Question 2;According to Mintzberg, which role would a manager assume if she were trying to convince union members to accept a 25-cent-per-hour reduction in pay in order to keep the manufacturing plant open?;Answer;resource allocator;entrepreneur;disturbance handler;liaison;negotiator;Question 3;are responsible for creating a positive organizational culture through language and action.;Answer;Top managers;Middle managers;Team leaders;Supervisors;Group facilitators;Question 4;An accountant with ____ has the ability to create a budget, compare the budget to the actual income statement, and determine unnecessary expenses.;Answer;technical skill;human skill;conceptual skill;motivational skill;interpersonal skill;Question 5;After their first year of managerial experience, managers tend to;Answer;exercise more formal authority;do less listening and more telling;view themselves as the boss;use more positive reinforcement;Question 6;After the makers of Wonder Bread declared bankruptcy, their objectives were to increase revenues by at least 5 percent and reduce net losses by at least 80 percent. Which management function is used to set these goals and help the company meet them?;Answer;planning;organizing;controlling;motivating;leading;Question 7;Creating a competitive advantage through people relies heavily on the use of which skill to reward people for providing exceptional customer service?;Answer;motivation to manage;conceptual;technical;interpersonal;decisional;Question 8;Hormel Foods had to recall 104,000 pounds of Stagg canned chili?labeled "hearty beef with a kick of green chilies"?after the kick turned out to come from the ground-up parts of a plastic handheld calculator. The recall was the application of which management function?;Answer;controlling;leading;motivating;planning;organizing;Question 9;A manager engaged in the management function of ____ is determining organizational goals and the means for achieving them.;Answer;planning;organizing;leading;human resources management;controlling;Question 10;The marketing manager of Interstate Bakeries was asked to meet with the organization's research and development department to explain why the company needed to change its 25-year-old package design for Twinkies. The marketing manager took on an interpersonal role as;Answer;liaison;disseminator;disturbance handler;figurehead;resource allocator;Question 11;A business school administrator who is determining what classes will be offered in which rooms and who will teach each specific class is involved in which classical management function?;Answer;making things happen;organizing;controlling;motivating;leading;Question 12;A manager engaged in the management function of ____ is monitoring progress toward goal achievement and taking corrective action when needed.;Answer;planning;organizing;leading;controlling;motivating;Question 13;is defined as getting work done through others.;Answer;Management;Planning;Organizing;Strategizing;Controlling;Question 14;Lorenzo Fluza is the owner and CEO of the company that makes Camper shoes. Mintzberg would describe Lorenzo Fluza as fulfilling the leader role within the organization. This means he spends much of his time;Answer;negotiating;responding to instrumental change;performing ceremonial duties;motivating and encouraging its employees to meet their organizational objectives;ignoring interpersonal roles;Question 15;In Great Britain, Nestl? introduced a candy bar called Yorkie with the slogan "It's not;for girls!" The resulting furor over this sexist campaign required its British managers to spend a great deal of time in the role of;Answer;resource allocators;entrepreneurs;disturbance handlers;liaisons;disseminators


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