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Miguel Torres Case Study




USI S4025 Marketing Strategy


Extra Credit Assignment: Miguel Torres Case Study


Using the Miguel Torres case study, working individually, respond to the questions below. Please write enough to fully state your position on the question, and support your answers with concepts from the readings and concepts discussed in class. Each question will be worth 20 points for a total of 100 points. Answer each question fully using the frameworks and concepts in class, in the text and throughout the live sessions. Support your answers with marketing references and concepts. The extra credit will be assigned to any missed projects or replace the lowest grade. Generally one would expect at least one page for each answer.


1. Analyze Miguel Torres SPAIN and Miguel Torres CHILE current performance and strategy. How did Miguel Torres enter the Chilean market? What strategy did he use? How well is Miguel Torres CHILE doing?


2. What is the nature of the Torres competitive advantage in SPAIN does this transfer over to other markets? To Chile? Describe and support your answers


3. Why did Torres choose Chile as a market to enter? Do you think this was a suitable plan for international strategy? Please outline the pros and cons.


4. Draw on what we have discussed in class about culture with the Disney Hong Kong case and Icebreaker entering China what are the similarities and differences to the Chilean and Spanish cultures? What impact do you think culture had on the move to Chile?


5. As the newly appointed Director of Marketing what evaluate an alternative strategy for Torres Chile. What do you recommend they do?


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