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Kaplan MT355 unit 6 quiz




Question 1.1.The decision to use observation methods of data collection requires that the researcher specify: (Points: 3);Who is to be observed.;What aspects of the behavior should be reported.;When the observation is to be made.;Where the observation is to be made.;All of the above.;Question 2.2.Which of the following types of primary data can be measured by observation? (Points: 3);Attitudes and opinions;Motivations and present behavior;Gender and current behavior;Social class and gender;Motivations and intentions;Question 3.3.Observational data have the advantage over communication data in which of the following categories? (Points: 3);Objectivity, cost, and speed;Objectivity and accuracy;Objectivity and speed;Speed and versatility;Cost and versatility;Question 4.4.Phone book sampling frames are inadequate because of (Points: 3);plus-one sampling.;people who have recently moved or have unlisted numbers.;random-digit dialing.;interviewer bias.;small sample size.;Question 5.5."How do you feel about the Apple, Inc.?" is an example of which type of question? (Points: 3);Fixed-alternative;Structured;Open-ended;Close-ended;a, b, and c.;Question 6.6.Fixed-alternative questions would be inappropriate for securing information about respondents' (Points: 3);apartment rental payments.;motivations in husband-wife interactions over purchase decisions.;age.;awareness of current events.;income level.;Question 7.7.Which of the following is an example of the observation method of collecting primary data? (Points: 3);Administering a questionnaire to shoppers in a supermarket.;Recording the amount of time a shopper stops in front of a point-of-purchase display.;Asking shoppers which brand they noticed first in a shelf display.;Conducting a telephone survey to determine which brands of detergent are purchased by mothers with young children.;Using a tape recorder to gather shopper impressions of a new store layout design.;Question 8.8.Which of the following is a life-style characteristic? (Points: 3);Social class;Interests;Attitudes;Home ownership;Age;Question 9.9.Which of the following data collection methods provides the greatest degree of anonymity for respondents? (Points: 3);Mail surveys;Personal interviews;Online surveys;Telephone interviews;Mall intercepts;Question 10.10.Which of the following statements does NOT accurately describe the mail questionnaire? (Points: 3);It allows a wide sample to be used.;It allows a representative sample to be used.;It is a relatively inexpensive means of recruiting respondents.;It ensures that the correct person receives and completes the questionnaire.;It is more suitable for contacting busy executives than a telephone or personal interview.


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