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Global versus Domestic Supply Chain Integration;Subscribe What are the major challenges faced in efforts aimed at supply chain integration at the global level compared to the domestic level? Briefly discuss potential solutions that could help to resolve these challenges.;Module 2;Subscribe;Which is more important to a distribution center, a good transportation system or a plentiful workforce?;Is there a trade-off between the level of workforce and transportation technology? Are they mutually exclusive? Why...why not?;On a related subject, as you will soon see, multimode distribution is rapidly becoming the thing in SCM. How many modes for distribution can you name? What are the challenges for a multimode depot or warehouse, for examples?;Module 3;Identify an example of inventory in your own life. Estimate how much it costs you to hold this inventory. Estimate the ?ordering cost? when you take something out. How often do you replenish this inventory and do you have any inventory policy such as first-in-first-out, last-in-first-out, etc.?;module 4;Walmart has been using RFID for more than a decade now. Do you like RFID? What are the pros and cons of RFID technology? Do you want your workplace to adopt this technology?;Module 5;Consider an item you have recently returned. Identify the steps the company would have to go through to return the product back up the supply chain from where you have returned it. What costs do you think would be involved in this process? Is there a way the company can design this reverse logistics process in order to add value and make a profit?


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