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Confidence interval Problem




Solve the following confidence interval and interpret your results. Explain how you arrived at your result. Use Excel to show work if necessary.;Of the 2,000 accounting students surveyed, 1,900 use Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for their assignments compared to other spreadsheets. Complete a 95% confidence Interval that shows that the accounting students use for Microsoft Excel?;OR;I'm curious as to the number of days below zero defrees F can be expected per year in Minnesota. Using the daily low temperaturs as reported by the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport, the mean number of days the temp fell below zero in the last 10 years was 17 days with a standard deviation of 9.201449. In an effort to determine if the mean number of days below zero is less in the last decade than it is for the last century, construct 95% confidence interval for the mean number of days below zero for the last 100 years.


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