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Devry MKTG320 Week 4 Midterm Exam




MKTG320 Week 4 Midterm Exam;(TCO 1) Which best describes a market researcher?;(TCO 1) In a company, the marketing research department should report to;(TCO 1) Which of the following are applications of Marketing Intelligence?;(TCO 2) In general, if primary research does not have an effect on management decisions;(TCO 2) The most economical and fastest sources of information are generally provided by;(TCO 2) Firms that work with individual clients and help them develop and implement a complete marketing research project are called providers of;(TCO 3) The Bayesian approach to decision-making;(TCO 3) Research problems in cross-cultural contexts are due to;(TCO 4) To find out the effect of price on sales of a particular brand, the most appropriate research design would be;(TCO 4) A causal approach should be used when;(TCO 4) Of the following research questions, which could not be answered by exploratory research?;(TCO 4) A ___________ describes a plan for conducting and controlling a research project.;(TCO 4) Which one of the following provides a standard source of recurring data?;(TCO 4) Which of the following statements about internal records is false?;(TCO 5) The tendency for new members of a panel to report unusual levels of purchase is the result of;(TCO 5) A large grocery product manufacturer has experienced declining sales of canned beans. You are asked to investigate whether the decline is due to the pricing of its product relative to that of the competition. What data source would you use?;(TCO 5) Information on special displays, in-store advertising, and shelf facings can be obtained through;(TCO 5) Continuous panels are beneficial to researchers because;(TCO 5) A researcher should keep in mind that the use of the computer-retrieval method is limited by;(TCO 5) Data that has been specified, collected, and recorded by someone:other than the user are known as;(TCO 6) True measure of effectiveness of ads on the WWW is measured by;(TCO 6) A(n) ___________ focus group allows the researcher to experience the emotional framework for which the product is used.;(TCO 6) The following are all examples of projective techniques except;(TCO 6) The moderator of a focus group should;(TCO 6) The Thematic Appreciation Test (TAT) is


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