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Question 1.1.;A survey can collect information using which of the following techniques?;(Points: 1);telephone;face-to-face interviews;mail;all of these choices;Question 2.2.;Which of the following is a business strategy that emphasizes market-driven quality as a top priority?;(Points: 1);inside-out management;outside-in management;total quality management;benchmark management;Question 3.3.;Two major sources of survey errors are _____.;(Points: 1);Type I and Type II errors;random sampling error and systematic error;respondent error and systematic error;respondent error and interviewer error;Question 4.4.;People who are unwilling to participate in a research project are referred to as _____.;(Points: 1);refusals;deviations;no contacts;random errors;Question 5.5.;All of the following are types of administrative errors EXCEPT _____.;(Points: 1);data-processing error;sample selection error;interviewer cheating;response error;Question 6.6.;When a respondent tells the interviewer that he readsThe Wall Street Journalon a daily basis so that he can impress the interviewer, this is an example of _____.;(Points: 1);interviewer bias;auspices bias;administrative bias;acquiescence bias;Question 7.7.;Which term is sometimes used to refer to interviewers filling in responses for respondents that do not really exist?;(Points: 1);curbstoning;auspices bias;sugging;mere-measurement effect;Question 8.8.;Systematic errors are _____ because they include all sources of error other than those introduced directly by the sampling procedure.;(Points: 1);random sampling error;interviewer error;nonresponse error;nonsampling errors;Question 9.9.;Which dimension of quality is being studied for a Harley motorcycle when a survey asks them to record the number of years that they have owned that particular Harley?;(Points: 1);serviceability;durability;reliability;features;Question 10.10.;When a research study is not conducted according to the plan in the proposal for the research study, what kind of error has occurred?;(Points: 1);random sampling error;systematic error;respondent error;implementation error;Question 11.11.;When an interviewer asks the respondent to state which of six salary categories represents his gross income the previous year, this is an example of a(n): _____.;(Points: 1);unstructured question;social desirability question;structured question;disguised question;Question 12.12.;Which type of question imposes a limit on the number of allowable responses?;(Points: 1);structured question;undisguised question;determinant question;bounded question;Question 13.13.;The tendency for respondents to agree with most questions in a survey is known as _____.;(Points: 1);auspices bias;interviewer bias;extremity bias;acquiescence bias;Question 14.14.;The United States Department of Defense is conducting a study in which it asks a group of veterans who were in the military during the 1980s to complete a survey every five years. The survey asks about health-related topics and examines how the health of this group of veterans changes as they age. This type of longitudinal study is referred to as a _____ study.;(Points: 1);longitudinal;stepwise;segmented;progressive;Question 15.15.;When an interviewer unintentionally and mistakenly checks the wrong response on a checklist during an interview, this is an example of _____.;(Points: 1);interviewer cheating;auspices bias;interviewer error;social desirability bias;Question 16.16.;All of the following are advantages of survey research EXCEPT _____.;(Points: 1);inexpensive;random;efficient;accurate;Question 17.17.;When an interviewer asks a respondent: "Why do you shop at Macy's department store?", this is an example of a(n) ____.;(Points: 1);structured question;disguised question;unstructured question;curb-stone question;Question 18.18.;Straightforward questions that assume the respondent is willing to answer are called _____.;(Points: 1);structured questions;undisguised questions;unstructured questions;obvious questions;Question 19.19.;All of the following are types of response bias EXCEPT _____.;(Points: 1);acquiescence bias;extremity bias;self-selection bias;interviewer bias;Question 20.20.;Carl is an interviewer, and he is supposed to write down everything respondents say. However, he has difficulty getting everything down. This is an example of _____.;(Points: 1);acquiescence error;interviewer error;auspices bias;interviewer cheating;Question 21.21.;Which of the following can be considered to be a pretest?;(Points: 1);screening the questionnaire with other research colleagues;screening the questionnaire with a client or the research manager who ordered the research;a trial run with data collected from a small number of respondents;all of these choices;Question 22.22.;A trial run of a survey with a group of respondents who are representative of the target group for the survey is called a _____.;(Points: 1);callback;pretest;drop-off method;dry run;Question 23.23.;A disadvantage of personal interviews is ____.;(Points: 1);interviewer influence;high cost;lack of anonymity of respondent;all of these choices;Question 24.24.;Which of the following methods offers the lowest degree of geographic flexibility?;(Points: 1);telephone interview;door-to-door personal interview;Internet survey;mail survey;Question 25.25.;Call Interactive, Inc. is a telephone survey research firm. Telephone interviewers sit at computer monitors that display the questions one question at a time along with precoded possible responses for each question. The interviewer reads the question, and when the respondent answers, the interviewer enters his or her answers directly into the computer. This is an example of _____.;(Points: 1);voice-activated telephone interviewing;computer-assisted telephone interviewing;random digit dialing;noninteractive interviewing;Question 26.26.;When a research agency conducts all telephone interviews from one location where they can hire a staff of professional interviewers and supervise and control the quality of interviewing more effectively, this is an example of _____.;(Points: 1);central location interviewing;single-mode interviewing;synergistic interviewing;quick-response interviewing;Question 27.27.;A personal interview may be conducted in which of the following locations?;(Points: 1);respondent's home;shopping malls;telephone;all of these choices;Question 28.28.;Which of the following is an ethical issue in survey research?;(Points: 1);respondents? right to privacy;respondents? right to be informed about the purpose of the research;need for objectivity in reporting data;all of these choices;Question 29.29.;Personal interviews conducted at respondents? doorsteps in an effort to increase the participation rate in the survey are referred to as _____ interviews.;(Points: 1);home-based;local;home-intercept;door-to-door;Question 30.30.;Which of the following has typically been shown to produce the highest response rates in mail surveys as an incentive for participation in the study?;(Points: 1);an enclosed ball-point pen;a monetary incentive;an appeal for help;a donation to a charity;Question 31.31.;Which of the following is an advantage of including a questionnaire in an e-mail?;(Points: 1);lower distribution costs than a mail survey;faster turnaround time than a mail survey;faster speed of distribution;all of these choices;Question 32.32.;Which of the following survey research methods offers the lowest degree of respondent anonymity?;(Points: 1);telephone interview;mail survey;mall intercept interview;Internet survey;Question 33.33.;Attempts to recontact individuals selected for a sample who were not available initially are known as _____.;(Points: 1);callbacks;rebounds;recontacts;tracers;Question 34.34.;Surveys in which the respondent takes the responsibility for reading and answering questions are called _____.;(Points: 1);self-administered questionnaires;independent questionnaires;stand-alone surveys;interactive questionnaires;Question 35.35.;For mail surveys, the ______ attempts made to try to obtain a returned survey from a potential respondent, the ______ their chance of their responding to the survey.;(Points: 1);more, less;fewer, greater;more, greater;none of these choices;Question 36.36.;Which of the following has been considered the mainstay of commercial survey research for years?;(Points: 1);mall-intercept interviews;Internet surveys;telephone interviews;e-mail surveys;Question 37.37.;Which of the following is FALSE regarding mobile phone interviews?;(Points: 1);Phones have varying abilities for automated responses and differing keypads.;Area codes for mobile phones are not necessarily tied to geography.;Telemarketing calls can be directed toward mobile phone numbers in the United States, but it is illegal to do so in Europe.;The recipient of a mobile phone call is even more distracted than the recipient of a home or office call.;Question 38.38.;The cover letter for a mail survey should include all of the following EXCEPT _____.;(Points: 1);a description of the incentive for participating in the study;a comment on the postage-paid reply envelope to use to return the survey;a description of how the person was selected for the study;names of other potential respondents;Question 39.39.;All of the following are advantages of Internet surveys EXCEPT _____.;(Points: 1);random sampling;speed;visual appeal;accurate real-time data capture;Question 40.40.;Which of the following eliminates the counting of names in a list and subjectively determining whether a telephone directory listing is a business, institution, or legitimate household?;(Points: 1);mixed-mode survey;predictive calling;computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI);random digit dialing;Question 41.41.;Which type of validity addresses the question, "Does my measure correlate with measures of similar concepts or known quantities?;(Points: 1);face validity;reliability validity;criterion validity;discriminant validity;Question 42.42.;Age is an example of a _____ measure.;(Points: 1);nominal;biological;discrete;continuous;Question 43.43.;Which type of scale has all the properties of an interval scale with the additional attribute of representing absolute quantities, characterized by a meaningful absolute zero?;(Points: 1);nominal scale;discrete scale;infinite scale;ratio scale;Question 44.44.;When a researcher measures the reliability of an instrument by comparing the results of the odd-numbered questions with the results of the even-numbered questions, this is an example of _____ reliability.;(Points: 1);test-retest;split-half;equivalent-forms;criterion;Question 45.45.;Scales that assign a value to an object for identification or classification purposes are called _____ scales.;(Points: 1);ordinal;nominal;interval;ratio;Question 46.46.;Which of the following represents the average of all possible split-half reliabilities for a construct?;(Points: 1);R2;?;?;?;?;Question 47.47.;Which of the following refers to concepts measured with multiple variables?;(Points: 1);operation;construct;concept;scale;Question 48.48.;When a group of experts agrees that a measuring instrument measures what it is intended to measure, we say that the instrument has ______ validity.;(Points: 1);face;criterion;test-retest;equivalent-forms;Question 49.49.;Measures that reflect the intensity of a concept by assigning values that can take on any value along some scale range are called _____.;(Points: 1);discrete measures;continuous measures;absolute measures;valid measures;Question 50.50.;is the process of describing some property of a phenomenon, usually by assigning numbers, in a reliable and valid way.;(Points: 1);Research;Analysis;Validation;Measurement;Question 51.51.;A researcher is observing fans at a soccer game and is putting a "1" if the fan is actively cheering and a "0" if they just seem to be merely watching the game without saying anything. He is also indicating which team the fan seems to be associated with as well as approximate age and gender. By recording information such as this with codes, the researcher is involved in _____.;(Points: 1);conceptualization;operationalization;measurement;analysis;Question 52.52.;Which of the following is a discrete measure?;(Points: 1);nominal scales;sensitive scales;ratio scales;all of these choices;Question 53.53.;When a two-point scale (e.g. agree/disagree) is expanded to include five categories (e.g. strongly disagree, disagree, undecided, agree, strongly agree), we say that the ________ of the scale has been increased.;(Points: 1);sensitivity;reliability;predictive validity;criterion validity;Question 54.54.;Carla is using education, income, and occupation to develop a measure of social class. What type of measure for social class is she developing?;(Points: 1);index measure;valid measure;reliable measure;concurrent measure;Question 55.55.;Which type of measure assigns a value to an observation based on a mathematical derivation of multiple measures?;(Points: 1);conglomerate measure;derivative measure;higher-order measure;composite measure;Question 56.56.;Measures that can take on only one of a finite number of values are called _____.;(Points: 1);discrete measures;neutral measures;limited measures;continuous measures;Question 57.57.;Which of the following is the most elementary level of measurement?;(Points: 1);nominal scale;ordinal scale;ratio scale;interval scale;Question 58.58.;All of the following can be measured using ratio scales EXCEPT _____.;(Points: 1);gender;income;temperature;weight;Question 59.59.;Which of the following is a defining characteristic in determining between ratio and interval scales?;(Points: 1);number of items;absolute zero;number of intervals;nominal values;Question 60.60.;When job candidates are asked to place job listings so that their first choice is 1, their second choice is 2, and so forth, this is best-described as an example of a(n) ______ scale.;(Points: 1);ordinal;ratio;interval;nominal;Question 61.61.;Which type of question conserves space on a questionnaire?;(Points: 1);pivot question;funnel question;multi-faceted question;multiple-grid question;Question 62.62.;When a respondent to an Internet survey has to click on the "NEXT" button at the bottom of the screen in order to continue to answer the questionnaire, this button is what type of button?;(Points: 1);pull;push;radio;advancement;Question 63.63.;A live, real-time support feature that solves problems or answers questions respondents may encounter in completing the questionnaire is called a(n) _____.;(Points: 1);search engine;interactive help desk;interactive tabulation;intervention;Question 64.64.;Questions that require respondents to choose one and only one response from among several possible alternatives are called _____ questions.;(Points: 1);checklist;determinant-choice;forced;limited-choice;Question 65.65.;Which of the following uses two alternative phrasings of the same question for respective halves of a sample to elicit a more accurate total response than would a single phrasing?;(Points: 1);split-ballot technique;split-half reliability;counterbalancing method;double-barreled questioning;Question 66.66.;When a respondent is attempting to subscribe to Southwest Airlines e-mail of flight sales and is presented with a box that says: "You must provide your zip code in order to complete your registration," this is an example of _____.;(Points: 1);a double-barreled response;error trapping;a radio button;zoning;Question 67.67.;Which Internet questionnaire layout presents the entire questionnaire on one page?;(Points: 1);paging layout;scrolling layout;continuous layout;perpetual layout;Question 68.68.;Which of the following is a determinant-choice question that asks for an answer about the general frequency of occurrence of some phenomenon?;(Points: 1);simple-dichotomy question;checklist question;time-bound question;frequency-determination question;Question 69.69.;What is your gender? ______ M ______ F" is an example of what type of question?;(Points: 1);loaded;leading;fixed-alternative;filter;Question 70.70.;Are you employed? ______ Yes ______ No" is an example of what type of question?;(Points: 1);leading;simple-dichotomy;loaded;open-ended response;Question 71.71.;When "Out of sight, out of mind" was translated into a foreign language, and then was translated back into English by a language expert in that language to become: "Invisible things are insane," this was an example of _____.;(Points: 1);the linguistic effect;a loaded question;back translation;a counterbiasing statement;Question 72.72.;A tabulation of the results of a pretest to help determine whether the questionnaire will meet the objectives of the research is referred to as _____.;(Points: 1);preliminary tabulation;primary tabulation;initial tabulation;back translation;Question 73.73.;Name five alternative energy sources" is an example of what type of question?;(Points: 1);fixed-alternative;pivot;open-ended response;filter;Question 74.74.;In light of the current economic crisis, do you agree or disagree that the President of the United States is doing a good job of managing the economy?" is an example of what type of question?;(Points: 1);counterbalancing;order bias;double-barreled;loaded;Question 75.75.;When respondents think that recent events took place longer ago than they really did, this is called _____.;(Points: 1);telescoping;squishing;faltering;misredemption;Question 76.76.;What type of question is the following?;?;What time of day did you watch that movie at the Multiplex?;Matinee;Evening;Rush-hour special;(Points: 1);filter;pivot;open-ended response;determinant-choice;Question 77.77.;Which of the following results when a particular sequencing of questions affects the way a person responds or when the choices provided as answers favors one response over another?;(Points: 1);squishing;telescoping;sequencing effect;order bias;Question 78.78.;A question that screens out respondents who are not qualified to answer a second question is called a _____ question.;(Points: 1);preliminary;filter;qualifying;sequencing;Question 79.79.;Which of the following prevents respondents from continuing with an Internet questionnaire if they fail to answer a question?;(Points: 1);variable piping software;graphical interface software;forced answering software;interactive software;Question 80.80.;What is your favorite hobby, playing video games, or what?" is an example of what type of question?;(Points: 1);loaded;pivot;filter;leading;Question 81.81.;When a researcher puts the name of each person on a sampling frame list on a 3" x 5" card, shuffles the cards thoroughly, and then selects 35 names from the top of the pile of cards for a phone interview study, this is an example of what type of sampling procedure?;(Points: 1);judgment sample;simple random sample;stratified sample;area sample;Question 82.82.;As sample size ______, random sampling error ______.;(Points: 1);increases, increases;decreases, decreases;increases, decreases;increase, remains unchanged;Question 83.83.;Two types of stratified samples are _____.;(Points: 1);primary and secondary;positive and negative;proportional and disproportional;absolute and relative;Question 84.84.;When a researcher wants to study the members of the American Management Association and selects a sample from its membership list, the membership list is an example of a _____.;(Points: 1);reverse directory;sampling frame;systematic sampling list;census;Question 85.85.;Which sampling technique is an economically efficient sampling technique in which the primary sampling unit is not the individual element in the population but a large cluster of elements?;(Points: 1);cluster sampling;stratified sampling;grouped sampling;homogeneous sampling;Question 86.86.;When a potential respondent ____, he or she gives permission to receive selected e-mail, such as questionnaires, from a company with an Internet presence.;(Points: 1);becomes part of an unrestricted sample;consents;opts in;subscribes;Question 87.87.;A list of elements from which the sample may be drawn is called a _____.;(Points: 1);parameter list;probability sample;population parameter;sampling frame;Question 88.88.;When a company decides to send an Internet survey to all of its 127-member sales force to determine their morale, this is an example of a;(Points: 1);cluster sample;multistage area sample;census;sample;Question 89.89.;All of the following are stages in the selection of a sample EXCEPT _____.;(Points: 1);analyze data;select a sampling frame;determine sample size;conduct fieldwork;Question 90.90.;Which of the following refers to any complete group whose members share some common set of characteristics?;(Points: 1);sample;population;stratum;cluster;Question 91.91.;A telephone directory that lists the people in the phone book by their street address instead of by their last name is called a _____.;(Points: 1);snowball directory;inverse directory;reverse directory;sampling frame directory;Question 92.92.;A(n) _____ is a subset, or some part, of a larger population.;(Points: 1);slice;census;element;sample;Question 93.93.;When a local television station sends a crew to interview joggers in the city park on a beautiful spring day, this represents what type of sample?;(Points: 1);cluster sample;multistage area sample;systematic sample;convenience sample;Question 94.94.;Which type of error occurs when certain sample elements are excluded or when the entire population is not accurately represented in the sampling frame?;(Points: 1);Type I error;sampling frame error;statistical error;list error;Question 95.95.;If Delta Airlines selects randomly a set of 40 flights on a given day, and then selects randomly a group of ten passengers on each of these flights to participate in an in-flight survey, the passengers are _____.;(Points: 1);PSU;census;systematic samples;secondary sampling units;Question 96.96.;If a national political pollster selects ten states randomly, then randomly selects five counties within each state, then randomly selects five voting precincts within these counties, then randomly selects five blocks within these precincts, then randomly selects five households for door-to-door interviews about their voting intentions in the next Presidential election, this is an example of what type of sampling procedure?;(Points: 1);simple random sample;multistage area sample;systematic sample;nonprobability sample;Question 97.97.;All of the following are reasons for using a sample EXCEPT _____.;(Points: 1);complete enumeration;pragmatic reasons;accurate and reliable results;destruction of test units;Question 98.98.;A stratified sample in which the sample size for each stratum is allocated according to analytical considerations is called a(n) _____.;(Points: 1);disproportional stratified sample;unbalanced stratified sample;secondary stratified sample;analytical sample;Question 99.99.;When a marketing vice-president tells the marketing department to schedule a test market in Dallas because he feels that this city is "typical" of the composition of the target market for a new product nationally, this is an example of what type of sample?;(Points: 1);judgment sample;area sample;cluster sample;convenience sample;Question 100.100.;All of the following are common sampling criteria EXCEPT _____.;(Points: 1);degree of accuracy required;size of the population;resources available;time available to conduct the research


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