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Kaplan MT355 unit 4 quiz




Question 1.1.Big Data is the process of ____________ large and varied data sets. (Points: 3);Capturing, understanding and distributing;Detecting, merging and analyzing;Capturing, merging and analyzing;Securing, validating and storing;Researching, analyzing and storing;Question 2.2.A great source of "Voice of the Customer" (VOC) data is: (Points: 3);Structured;Mobile;Omni-transactional;Unstructured;Social;Question 3.3.Which type of marketing research focuses on the short- or long-term decisions that the firm must make with respect to the elements of the marketing mix? (Points: 3);Planning;Decision making;Problem solving;Performance monitoring;Control;Question 4.4.Which of the following are ways to judge the accuracy of secondary data? (Points: 3);Consider the source of the data;Look at the sponsor of the research that yielded the secondary data;Look for evidence that the research was done properly;All of the above are correct;Only B and C are correct.;Question 5.5.With secondary data, who incurs the expense of collecting it? (Points: 3);The user of the secondary data;The government;No one - secondary data by definition is always free.;Taxpayers.;The original compiler of the information.;Question 6.6.Acme Corporation has identified several new market opportunities, but has limited funds to invest and therefore cannot pursue them all. Which function of market research will it conduct to identify the most promising opportunities? (Points: 3);Planning;Decision making;Problem Solving;Performance monitoring;Control;Question 7.7.Which type of firm is one of the three major categories of firms that conduct Marketing Research? (Points: 3);Marketing research companies.;Advertising agencies.;Companies that produce or sell products and services.;All of the above.;None of the above.;Question 8.8.A key distinction of a Marketing Information System (MIS) is that: (Points: 3);The information is accurate.;It can only be used by marketing managers.;Information is collected on a regular basis.;It does not involve focused reports;The information is used in making marketing decisions;Question 9.9.Which of the following is NOT one of the three dimensions of the framework for understanding Big Data? (Points: 3);Volume;Vastness;Velocity;Variety;All of the above are dimensions of the framework;Question 10.10.The Town Square Tattler, gossip tabloid, has decided to do some market research to help it sell more advertising. What should it seek to learn through its research? (Points: 3);Which of its stories are most popular.;The demographic profile of its audience.;How much readers are willing to pay for an issue.;The size of its total readership.;Both B and D.


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