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Kaplan MT435 week 6 quiz




1.The two traditional forms of employee compensation include:(Points: 1);hourly wage and individual incentive.;hourly wage and profit sharing.;salary and individual incentive.;hourly wage and gainsharing.;Question 2.2.The development of the assembly line by Henry Ford is based on the principles of:(Points: 1);scientific management.;mass production.;both scientific management and mass production.;None of these answer choices is correct.;Question 3.3.Motivation is a willingness to work hard because doing so:(Points: 1);satisfies employer needs.;satisfies employee needs.;satisfies both employee and employer needs.;none of these answer choices is correct.;Question 4.4.In a piece-rate wage system a worker?s pay is based on:(Points: 1);total output.;job rating.;job classification.;total time.;Question 5.5.Allowing employees more control over their own work and some of the supervisory responsibilities is known as:(Points: 1);vertical job enlargement.;empowerment.;horizontal job enlargement.;cross training.;Question 6.6.Determining how tasks fit together to form a job is referred to as:(Points: 1);worker analysis.;task analysis.;environmental analysis.;ergonomics.;Question 7.7.The principles of motion study relate to all of the following categories except:(Points: 1);the human body.;the efficient use of capital.;the workplace.;the efficient use of equipment and machinery.;Question 8.8.All of the following are advantages of task specialization except:(Points: 1);increased output.;lower labor costs.;reduced boredom.;minimal training.;Question 9.9.______________ gives employees the responsibility and authority to make decisions.(Points: 1);Cross training;Empowerment;Job rotation;Horizontal job enlargement;Question 10.10.Empowerment involves giving employees _________________ to make decisions.(Points: 1);responsibility;authority;both responsibility and authority;None of these answer choices is correct.


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