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LEO BA585 research paper 1




Paper 1: Prepare a short term paper on a business/economics topic of your choice. An introduction and a summary section should be included in the paper. They should also include an abstract and reference page. Do not segment papers into chapters. The content of this paper should be four pages in length.;2. The student will select a research problem (it can be the same topic as paper 1), prepare and turn in a prospectus indicating the background, the problem statement, the purpose of the study, the study?s hypothesis(es), the methodology to be employed in the study and a review of the literature (this can be paper 1, as long as you use the same topic.) pertaining to the problem. You will develop a questionnaire to be used to solve your problem. A Prospectus--a plan to do research--you do everything except collect data.;Paper 1;1. Write a short term paper on a business / economics topic of your choice.;2. Use APA formatting. A large portion of your grade will be based on formatting. You are responsible for carefully reading and strictly following formatting guidelines set out in the sixth edition of the APA publication manual. The objective of this paper is for you to learn to use the APA.;3. Include the following parts in your paper.;? Title page;? Abstract;Body;? References;4. The content section must be no more than four (4) pages in length, in addition to the abstract and reference page.;5. Use a minimum of four current references (2010-2014) fromscholarly peer-review journals. (See handouts for a definition of peer-reviewed journals);Use a 12 point font--double spacing. You are to assume this is a publishable paper. Be careful when you use direct quotes. See APA pages 71-72. My rule is--if you use five consecutive words from a source, you MUST use quotation marks. If you direct quote more that 40 words you must indent. See the example of a paper beginning on page 117 in The APA Manual.


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