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Week 4;?;Week 4 Written Assignment;Answer a total of 4 of the following questions;1. Read the Closing Case-Teams Fuel Global Innovation at Whirlpool (p. 304). Answer questions # 1, 3, & 4;OR;2. Read the Closing Case-why Microsoft's Measurement System....Group Performance (p.335) Answer questions #1, 2 & 3;AND;3. If you watch television, choose a work group featured in a television series (e.g. West Wing, Law and Order, ER). If you are not a tv viewer, select a group from work, social organization, or other situation. For the group you have chosen, answer the following question;What rules and norms does this group use to control its members? behavior?;Due: Monday, July 14th;Directions for submitting your Week 4 Written Assignment;1. When you have completed the written assignment, save the file on your computer with your name as part of the file name, for example: a_student_Week4[using your first initial and last name];2. Click on the "Week 4 Written Assignment" link above.;3. Click on the "Browse" button to attach it to this assignment.;4. Once you have attached your file, click on the "Submit" button to send your file to your instructor for grading.;Week 5;20 MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. Record your responses on answer sheet.;1);The new Boeing 777 aircraft was designed and engineered by Boeing employees from manufacturing, marketing, and engineering departments and by representatives of Boeing's customers?major airlines such as United and American Airlines?all working closely together in an intensive effort. This design and engineering group for the 777 can be classified;1);A);an informal group.;B);a command group.;C);a cross-functional team.;D);an interest group.;2);Which of the following is not an advantage that rules can offer for controlling and managing the behavior and performance of group members?;2);A);They eliminate the impact of group norms.;B);They allow comparison of actual behaviors to behaviors specified by the rules.;C);They help newcomers learn the right way to perform their roles.;D);They help ensure the performance of behaviors beneficial to organizational effectiveness.;3);Group members who are allowed to deviate from group norms because they have made above-average contributions to the group in the past, which earned them the freedom to violate norms without being punished, are allowed to do so because of;3);A);norm credits.;B);norm taking.;C);role making.;D);idiosyncrasy credits.;4);When an apprentice woodworker who has just joined a group of custom furniture makers is told that he can select the order in which he learns to make the different types of furniture, the ________ tactic of role orientation is being used.;4);A);random;B);sequential;C);fixed;D);variable;5);In order for an organization to achieve its goals, managers and work groups need to strive to ensure that a group's ________ performance comes as close as possible to its ________ performance.;5);A);actual, targeted;B);actual, potential;C);actual, forecasted;D);potential, latent;6);Jack Jones heads a team of automobile designers at A-One Automotive. The team was formed to present new car plans to local dealers to get their input. Although the workers are capable of excellent performance, the presentations are disorganized and the local dealers are often kept waiting unnecessarily. This is an example of a group whose;6);A);actual performance is below its potential performance.;B);potential performance is below its actual performance.;C);actual performance is below its realistic performance.;D);realistic performance is below its optimal performance.;7);All of the following except ________ can help overcome the motivation and social loafing problems associated with sequential interdependence.;7);A);form work groups with members of similar levels of ability;B);reward group members based on individual performance levels;C);closely monitor on-the-job behaviors of group members;D);reward group members based on group levels of performance;8);Group tasks are characterized by ________ when the activities of all work group members are fully dependent on one another so that each member's performance influences the performance of every other group member.;8);A);cross-departmental task interdependence;B);pooled task interdependence;C);reciprocal task interdependence;D);sequential task interdependence;9);All of the following except ________ can reduce coordination difficulties that accompany reciprocal interdependence.;9);A);developing group norms that encourage group members to help each other;B);rewarding group members based on individual performance;C);locating group members close to one another;D);having clear and open communication among group members;10);In a group with a ________, information flows slowly within the group, the group has little influence on its members' behavior, and it tends not to achieve its goals.;10);A);moderate level of cohesiveness;B);high level of cohesiveness;C);neutral level of cohesiveness;D);low level of cohesiveness;11);When a college professor told her class that their guest speaker, Capt. L. J. Picard, flew 17 sorties and served as LSO on a flattop while on TDY in the KTO before punching out on a recon hop after eating a SAM;11);A);low information richness prevented effective communication.;B);communication was likely to be effective.;C);the students were probably impressed by the speaker's credentials.;D);the jargon prevented effective communication.;12);As an attorney with the firm of Dewey, Cheatum, & Howe, Juliana has just received the message from a major client that she is not to proceed with a legal filing. Juliana called the client back to say that she had stopped the filing process, and the client thanked her before hanging up. Juliana's response to the clients' message is an example of the;12);A);filtering process.;B);feedback loop.;C);decoding phase.;D);enactment process.;13);Deborah Dobson is a supervisor with Tye & Dye, Inc., and prides herself on her efficiency. She often finds herself glancing at her watch while others are speaking to her, or scanning a report while meeting with a subordinate on another matter. Given such behavior, Deborah should not be surprised to discover that she is considered;13);A);as a model modern manager.;B);to posses excellent leadership skills.;C);to be an effective communicator.;D);to have poor listening skills.;14);Jack Dobbs is trying to determine what communication medium to use to communicate his retirement plans to the 25 employees of his company, Dobbs & Son. Jack wants to be sure his employees understand that his son, Jack, Jr., will not change how employees are treated. Based on the trade-offs discussed in your textbook, the communication medium Jack should use is;14);A);impersonal written communication.;B);electronically transmitted verbal communication.;C);face-to-face communication.;D);a personally addressed written communication.;15);A ________ is a person willing to question the beliefs of more powerful people, resist influence attempts, and convince others that the planned actions are flawed.;15);A);persuasive communicator;B);misanthrope;C);devil's advocate;D);disgruntled employee;16);Tom Seigmund, the employment manager at NTT, Inc., realizes that for a number of reasons he cannot always make the ideal decision when it comes to selecting a new employee. Instead, Tom ________ by searching for and choosing a candidate who has satisfactory job qualifications and who will be acceptable for the job.;16);A);optimizes;B);rationalizes;C);compromises;D);satisfices;17);The government of one of the counties near Disney World in Florida predicted a modest 6 percent growth in tourism for 1992 over 1991. The actual amount of tourism in 1992, which affects the taxes the county can collect, was down in comparison to 1991. Further investigation showed that the 1991 numbers were higher than usual because of the Gulf War, when many Americans chose not to travel abroad. The county planners had apparently been biased by the;17);A);anchoring and adjustment heuristic.;B);availability heuristic.;C);representative heuristic.;D);recent-event heuristic.;18);The night before the shuttle Challenger launch, an engineer for one of NASA's contractors brought up concerns over how cold it was projected to be the next day. When his manager and NASA managers discussed the issue, they collectively rationalized that temperature was not a problem, censored the engineer who initially had the concerns, and mistakenly believed they were in unanimous agreement that the launch should proceed. As a result, this team of engineers and managers experienced;18);A);escalation of commitment.;B);group polarization.;C);groupthink.;D);diffusion of responsibility.;19);Ralph Lewis is the leader of the design team for Boola, Inc.'s new office building. It has become apparent in recent meetings that some team members are attempting to influence how offices in the new building are designed because these members personally want window offices. Ralph is concerned that these members are concentrating on their own self-interests, which may cause the team to become dysfunctional if group members become more concerned about window offices than the overall building. This situation has made Ralph aware that all decision-making groups;19);A);must be aware of the problems of groupthink.;B);have the potential for conflict.;C);are polarized, which may or may not be a problem.;D);have to be led with a strong hand by a determined leader.;20);The focus at Plexus Corp. is on ________ to improve the decisions that go into the design of the production process.;20);A);continuous learning;B);organizational enhancement;C);outsourcing;D);random selection;5 MINI-ESSAY QUESTIONS. Write your answer in the space provided or on a separate sheet of paper.;A);List the three types of heuristics. Then, provide an ?original? example of each type of heuristics.;B);What are the four communication networks? Through ?original? examples, walk the reader through how the information flows within each network.;C);List the three types of task interdependence. Provide an ?original? example or each type.;D);List four kinds of formal work groups and give an ?original? example of each.;E);List the six potential communication barriers in organizations. Discuss how each impacts an organization.;?;Week 6;1. Points Possible;100;2.;1.;1. Read the closing case-"Tammy Savage and the NetGeneration (p. 368). Answer the following questions;o How would you describe Tammy Savage's approach to leadership?;o What kinds of skills do you think Savage possesses that have made her an effective leader?;2. Read the closing case-"Mixing Business and Family Causes Conflict (p. 399). Answer the following question;o What sources of conflict are operating in these media companies and why are they operating?;o Search the internet for stories about which family members or outsiders are managing these companies now. How are they and the companies performing?;When responding to the above questions, be certain to apply your readings as well as your experience and/or opinion.


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