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Bus 506 Week 4




Budget Matters " Please respond to the following;Analyze what specific objectives you as a marketer would establish for advertising and promotion. Determine what criteria would need to be met in order for the objectives to be considered valid. Discuss one major issue that marketers are faced with when establishing a marketing budget and how it can be properly addressed.;Distinguish between S-shaped response model and the rapidly diminishing returns model. Then, indicate what this means to a marketer. Determine what type of product(s) is best used for each and how a marketer can plan.;The International Market " Please respond to the following;Consider the fact that many multinational companies (MNC) are expanding into China and assess whether you would make the same decisions if you were the leader of an MNC. Analyze the factors that led to your decision.;Generate three criteria you would use to help you identify cultural variables that marketers must consider in developing advertising and promotional programs. Select one of the variables and discuss how the variable can create a problem or challenge for your company, and what you would do to mitigate the issue.


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