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Developing Learning Goals




Question;The purpose of this assignment is to familiarize you with the process for developing learning goals that lead to the creation of individual lesson plan objectives. In order to meet the needs of individual students, it is necessary for the teacher to set significant, challenging, varied, and appropriate learning goals that are derived from state academic standards.;Ask your cooperating teacher about the process he or she uses to develop and implement learning goals in the daily and weekly lesson plans and instructional units.;Create a chart or table that lists the learning goals you established (not the activities) to guide the planning, delivery, and assessment of your unit. Describe the types and levels of your learning goals. These goals should define what you expect students to know and be able to do at the end of the unit. NOTE: Please review the state standards that link to learning goals. 1. The learning goals should be significant (reflect the big ideas, essential questions, closely aligned to state standards or performance objectives), challenging, varied, and appropriate. Record why your learning goals are appropriate in terms of development, prerequisite knowledge, skills, and other student needs.;2. You are to include consideration of the contextual factors and data you discovered in Topic 1, including the application of management/engagement strategies to facilitate the specific learning goals.;3. Select four learning goals, and number or code each learning goal (i.e., LG1, LG2) so you can reference it later using state standards. 4. Show how the goals are aligned with local, state, or national standards (identify the source of the standards). Write a rationale of 250-400 words in which you justify the learning goals for the unit.;USE NC KINDERGARTEN STANDARDS


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