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Question;ENGL 227 Group Project Instructions;For this project, teams will work together;to write an informal analytical report about a company and a sales letter with;a visual aid to members of that company;showing the benefits of using Kelly Services. Instructors will form teams;during Week 3, and students will work together during Weeks 4 and 5 to complete;both parts of the project. This project;supports TCOs 5, 7, 8, and 9.;The;situation: This assignment is based on Chapter 10;page 311, Portfolio Builder 24. You work for Kelly Services, which provides;staffing solutions to more than 90 percent of the Fortune 500 companies. Click this link for more information aboutKelly;Services. Your team has been asked to select a;Fortune 500 company like Chrysler, Ford, Intel, or DuPoint. Your first task;after you?ve selected the company is to research the company and write an informal;analytical report. The audience for the report is people who write sales;messages (typically marketing). In week 5, your team will write a sales letter to;a decision-maker at the company you selected making recommendations based on;your research convincing the decision-maker to use Kelly Services.;Week 4;Informal Analytical Report?& Team Participation Memo;Your team is to write a brief informal report (approx.;2 single-spaced pages, 500-750 words, plus references) on the background of the;company you have chosen to solicit with your sales letter. Do NOTwrite solely about the background of your targeted company;but also focus on why you think this;company could benefit from Kelly Services. The report should be directed to;people who write sales letters (typically marketing). When the team has completed the report, one person from each team is to submit;the agreed upon informal report to the Dropbox. Otherwise, if everyone submits;the report, Turnitin will find that the report is copied. Additionally, each team member is to submit the team;participation memo. Format the report as an informal report or memo report and;organize your report according to the strategies suggested in Chapter 13.;?;Focus on conclusions and;recommendations;?;Use logical arguments (the;2 + 2 = 4 approach or the yardstick;approach);?;Do more than provide;information?Be sure to analyze the information to help your;readers apply it in future sales messages;?;Use at least four sources, only two of which;may be websites. At least two of your four sources must come from the DeVry Library.;Ensure that all sources are credible.;Do NOT use Wikipedia, dictionaries;or encyclopedias as your sources, as these are not appropriate sources for;college or business writing. Recommended web resources can be found in the;Webliography area of the course;?;Submit the report to If the originality report;shows sources that were not cited, or too much information copied from a;website, this should be fixed prior to submitting to the Dropbox for grading.;?;Use APA when citing;sources and be sure to use both in-text parenthetical citations and an end-of text list of references;?;Using;the template in Appendix A, the team is to write a memo which explains each;person?s contributions to the project.;?;Each;person is to submit the team participation memoand;one team member should submit the informal report to the week 4 Dropbox.;Week 5 Sales Letter with Visual Aid;Team Participation Memo;Using;the information about the company you gathered during week four and the;information about Kelly Services from the website and the case study, write a;1-2 page sales letter which includes a visual aid to a decision-maker at the;company your team researched and convince him/her to use Kelly Services. The;sales letter should focus on the features;and benefitsthat Kelly can offer to your targeted company and should;include a visual aid.;One member of each team is to submit the;agreed upon sales letter to the Dropbox, and each member is to submit the team;participation memo to the Dropbox. Organize your letter according to the;strategies presented in Chapter 10. For our purposes, assume that Kelly;Services does not have competition from other companies. The sales letter should;include the following;?;Assess customer needs.;Include information from the case such as background information, supplier;awards, and importance of outsourcing.;?;Determine key selling;points and benefits;?;Anticipate purchasing;objections;?;Use the AIDA model;?;Maintain legal and ethical;standards, and demonstrate your awareness by writing a message tailored for your;business;For your visual aid, you will need more than an attractive picture. Create a table or a chart that helps convey your sales message. For example, you might;include a table that succinctly displays the types of employees Kelly Services;offers, a table that highlights employer and employee benefits, or a pie chart;showing the percentage of Fortune 500 companies that use Kelly Services, or a;graph showing another important statistic. Your visual aid should be;attractively designed and should adhere to the guidelines set forth in Chapter;12 such as the following;?;The visual aid must be;ethical and must not distort information;?;The visual aid must be;clearly labeled;?;The type of visual aid;must be suitable for its intended purpose;?;The visual aid must be integrated with the text of the sales;letter in a way that will make sense to the audience;?;The visual aid should;demonstrate the same awareness sensitivity as the letter itself.;?;The sales letter must be;submitted to and any corrections made before submitting to the;Dropbox for grading.;?;Using the memo template provided;in Appendix A, the team is to write a memo explaining each person?s;contributions to the project. Each person is to submit the agreed upon team;participation memo and the sales letter to the week 5 Dropbox.;Note about Expectations for Group Work;Team;members are expected to participate equally. Document ALL contributions in the;Team TDAs located in Weeks 3, 4, and 5.;Instructors do not have access to email messages, phone conversations, or IM;chat logs. While it is fine to use these other means to communicate with team;members, all decisions and actions taken in the group project mustbe documented in the Team TDAs. Team;contributions will also be documented in the memo to your instructor each week.;Negotiating differences is part of the;group project and an important part of fulfilling TCO 7. However, if a problem;arises that a team cannot work out, please contact your instructor. If it is;determined that a team member is not contributing satisfactorily, that team;member?s grade will be handled separately.;How the Project is Graded;The Group Project will be graded according;to the criteria set forth in the Week 4 and Week 5 Rubrics located in Doc;Sharing.;APPENDIX A;Memorandum;To: [INSTRUCTOR NAME];From: [names of the team members];Date: 12/9/2014;Re: Week X (4 or 5) Team Participation;During week X, our team worked together;to write the informal report which you requested.;Second paragraph should explain in detail;who contributed what to the project. You;may choose to write in paragraph form, or you may use a bulleted list.;In this paragraph, close out the memo;with some sort of positive close. Every member of the team should save this;memo and upload it as well as the report;to the appropriate Dropbox.;Confidential


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